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sábado, 12 de maio de 2012

Fwd: Idaho's War on Wolves...

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Gray Wolf (Photo: Larry Allan)
It's been one year since Congress stripped federal protections from wolves in the Northern Rockies -- and already, Idaho has eliminated almost half the state's population of wolves.
Help Save Our Wolves
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Dear Anne,

We saw it coming. When Congress stripped federal protections from wolves in the Northern Rockies one year ago, we warned that hundreds of wolves in the region would be killed.

It's especially bad in Idaho. Broken promises and political pandering to anti-wolf extremists has led to the elimination of more than 400 wolves -- almost half the state's wolf population -- in just one year.

Starting today, we're marking the first anniversary of wolf delisting with a series of actions aimed at shining the national spotlight on Idaho's extreme wolf-killing policies -- and the dangers it poses to wolf recovery in the American West.

Take action now: Sign our petition to Idaho Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter and urge him to stop his state's war on wolves -- and to treat these animals like wildlife, not vermin.

Idaho officials aren't stopping as the death toll surpasses 400 -- they're aiming to kill off as many wolves as possible until they drive the population down to 150. Officials have already changed their rules to make it even easier for hunters and trappers to kill even more wolves.

It's clear that Idaho's goal is to drive wolves down to the barest minimum of 150 wolves -- decimating the state's wolf population down to minimum numbers.

This is not wolf management. It's a backwards attempt to once again eliminate an ecologically important predator from the landscape.

Tell Idaho Governor Otter that decimating the state's wolves is unethical, unscientific and unacceptable in modern-day wildlife management.

Federal officials delisted wolves in the Northern Rockies based on Idaho's commitment to maintain between 518 and 732 wolves. But the governor broke this promise, leading to Idaho's policy of killing off hundreds of wolves. This gives new unfortunate meaning to the old phrase of "bait and switch."

Quite simply, Idaho is refusing to treat wolves as wildlife -- pursuing a path of targeting wolves as vermin, using troubling tactics:
  • No quota limit throughout most of the state on the number of wolves that can be killed through hunting;
  • Allowing hunting for 8-10 months out of the year, which includes through denning season in some areas;
  • Increasing the number of wolves that can be hunted, trapped or snared per person;
  • Using aerial gunning to wipe out entire packs of wolves to artificially boost game populations;

These extreme policies only feed a frenzy of anti-wolf rhetoric in the state.

Take action now and help us reach our goal of generating 75,000 signatures: Sign our petition to Idaho's governor and tell him to get it right on wolves.

Wolf recovery is one of the most important conservation success stories in this country. We can't let Idaho's extreme actions turn back the clock.

Jamie Rappaport Clark Sincerely,

Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife
P.S. Defenders is calling on our supporters to shine the spotlight on Idaho's shameful wolf killing policies as we mark the first anniversary of wolf delisting in the Northern Rockies. Please take action today and watch your inbox this week for more ways to make a difference for wolves.

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