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sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2011

100+ Dogs Kept by Hoarder Arrive at Area Shelters

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Latest News from the Frontlines of Animal Welfare
March 25, 2011

Hoarding Victim 1. Canine Hoarding Victims Arrive at ASPCA Partner Shelters
After hopping a ride with our Animal Transport Trailer last weekend, more than 105 dogs rescued from a hoarding situation in Ohio are settling in at shelters from New York to Florida. Find out which communities have offered these dogs second chances. Read More...
The Rescued Dog 2. ASPCA Happy Tails: Movin' On Up to the East Side
Ever since Upper East Sider Dan Treinish adopted Archie over a decade ago, he's been doing a lot more talking to strangers.
Who Would YOU Nominate?</img> 3. Nominate Heroic Pets and People for an ASPCA Humane Award
We're putting out a call for animal-loving people and heroic pets for the 2011 ASPCA Humane Awards. Please nominate your hero—human or furry—before the June deadline!
Cute Dog! 4. Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun: Exercises for Your Pet
We all know pooches are good for us. But did you know that they're really good for us? Learn how to keep yourself and your pet heart-healthy with our expert exercise tips.
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quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2011

News About Animals - March 24, 2011

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  March 24, 2011

LynxProtect National Forests And The Animals Who Live There

The Obama administration has proposed setting aside vital protections, that have existed since Ronald Reagan was president, for the habitat of lynx and other imperiled wildlife in our national forests. These magnificent landscapes support diverse ecosystems and an incredible array of animals including antelope, bison, bighorn sheep, elk and trout. In all, our national forests provide habitat for more than 5,000 animal species and more than 10,000 plant species. Click here to send a quick e-mail to President Obama and Vice President Biden, urging them to protect this habitat. Thanks to Defenders of Wildlife for providing this information.

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BLM photoSubmit Comments On BLM's Wild Horse Strategy

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released its "Proposed Strategy for Future Management of Wild Horses and Burros." The plan offers some encouraging language but continues the business-as-usual approach to wild horses with the proposed removal of 32,800 mustangs from the range over the next five years, increasing the population in holding to nearly 52,000 horses. Just 32,000-36,000 would be left in the wild.

Wild horses and burros should remain free in the wild with their families. There is no immediate danger to them on the range, as the horses being rounded up are fit and healthy, not starving as the BLM would have us believe. And taxpayers can no longer afford to pay for the mass mustang removals. It is far more cost-effective to leave horses on the range, where taxpayers do not have to pay to house and feed them, than to round them up by the thousands and warehouse them at taxpayer expense.

Help us build a strong public record in support of real change for this broken federal program. Let's secure a safe future for wild horses and burros - click here to send an e-mail now!

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old circus elephantWater For Elephants Outreach Friday April 22

The movie version of the blockbuster novel about a circus, Water for Elephants, starring Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson, is set for release on April 22. Because the movie's producers chose to use real performing animals for the film, which IDA vehemently opposes, we hope that you will join us outside the theaters to let movie-goers know that the circus cruelty portrayed in the film is very real and continues today.

Please click here to learn more about IDA's position on this film. And help IDA bring attention to the suffering endured by animals in the circus by getting friends together to leaflet outside a movie theater showing Water for Elephants on April 22. We will provide leaflets for distribution. To order or for more information:

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Hope Bohanec MeatOut 2011MeatOut 2011 - IDA Offers Anti-War Protesters A Taste Of Non-Violent Cuisine

IDA teamed with Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) for this year's MeatOut, feeding vegan sandwiches to 1,000 people in San Francisco! On Saturday, March 19, we had a fun vegan feed-in at the annual San Francisco peace rally calling for an end to war. We served yummy vegan sandwiches, distributed brochures about the vegan diet, and spread the message that peace begins on your plate!

The San Francisco event featured sandwiches made with Tofurky slices, lettuce, tomato, and a non-dairy cheese spread. With every sandwich, rally-goers received a brochure explaining how a vegan diet can reduce heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes, save animals from suffering on factory farms and in slaughterhouses, and conserve precious environmental resources. Reports say the sandwiches were tasty and very appreciated.

Last year, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors signed a ground-breaking resolution officially naming every Monday to be Veg Day. They encouraged all San Francisco residents to consider cutting the meat habit one day a week. In this spirit, rally-goers got a taste of vegan versions of meat and cheese to reduce animal products in their diet.

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In Defense of Animals, located in San Rafael, Calif., is an international animal protection organization with more than 100,000 members and supporters dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of animals by protecting their rights and welfare. IDA's efforts include educational events, cruelty investigations, boycotts, grassroots activism, and hands-on rescue through our sanctuaries in Mississippi, Mumbai, India, and Cameroon, Africa.

In Defense of Animals is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today! All donations to IDA are tax-deductible.

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Leia hoje em nosso blog hoje postagens imperdíveis.

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abraços e muito obrigado

sheila moura

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Queridos amigos,
Cumpro com a minha obrigação ao repassar esses links de utilidade pública que me foram enviados pela amiga Cecília, da Trípoli.
Ando recebendo muitos emails, pedidos de ajuda e etc. antigos e alguns mentirosos.
Algumas pessoas me chamam a atenção com educação, mas chamam, por eu fazer esses repasses. Não me ofendo, muito pelo contrário, estamos todos numa causa justa, alguns iniciantes e devemos estar abertos para uma aprendizagem.
Estou fazendo com vocês o que eu gostaria que tivessem feito comigo, assim que disse à todos, ser novata na net, portanto, não se ofendam com este e-mail. É para que todos nós, não percamos tempo com assuntos antigos e tenhamos energia suficiente p/ nos dedicarmos ao que realmente interessa no momento.
Temos muito o que ler, estudar, cobrar e algumas vezes até elogiar políticos e autoridades, e principalmente o empenho de muitos que estão lutando pela "causa animal".
Sem mais, agradeço a atenção.
Fátima Gomes.
Acessem os links abaixo, são ótimos!
Espero contribuir de alguma forma ao enviá-los para vocês.

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