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sábado, 21 de maio de 2011

USA: Protect and Enforce Our Federal Animal Laws!

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ASPCA Urgent Alert

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Dear Animal Advocates,

In early April, we asked for your help reaching out to members of the U.S. House of Representatives to make sure that Congress doesn't shortchange the enforcement of animal-protection laws as it negotiates the federal budget for Fiscal Year 2012. Your efforts paid off—well over 100 representatives from 32 states (as well as non-voting delegates from the District of Columbia and two U.S. territories) pledged to stand up for animals! Now it's the Senate's turn to do the right thing, and we need your help once again.

Two U.S. senators, Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and David Vitter (R-LA), are asking their Senate colleagues to co-sign a letter of support to protect important humane laws like the Animal Welfare Act. The letter will soon be submitted to the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee.

As you know, with every budget item under intense scrutiny, this is an uphill battle—and we don't have much time. Senators must sign the Boxer-Vitter letter by no later than May 27.

What You Can Do
Visit the ASPCA Advocacy Center right now to email your two U.S. senators in Washington, D.C., and request that they sign the Boxer-Vitter letter. Sending our pre-written e-mail to your senators will take just minutes of your time, but it could have enormous impact for our nation's animals.

The Animal Welfare Act, the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act, the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act and the Horse Protection Act are among the most important pillars of animal protection that our nation has, and we must make sure their enforcement is properly funded.

Thank you for taking immediate action, advocates!

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sexta-feira, 20 de maio de 2011

Blog Proteção Animal - Veja e ajude a divulgar - Grato.

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Ativistas protestam e pedem programa de castração de animais em Rio Grande


José Franson - Tatuí - SP 
Campanha nacional permanente - "Fecha canil do CCZ - Tortura nunca mais" Eu aderi. (cole o slogan/link no email, blog, seja criativo)
Para não receber nossos emails, por favor responda e escreva Remover no assunto. Grato.

Repassando - Notícias do Quintal de São Francisco

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Informativo Quintal de São Francisco - Maio - 2011

Ao "pé da orelha"

Obrigado por ceder um pouquinho de seu valioso tempo. Queremos falar sobre nossa comunidade animal no Quintal de São Francisco. Chamamos a comunidade de família por nos sentirmos....
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Uma boa conversa...

Garanto que você se pergunta porque o abrigo do Quintal de São Francisco ainda não fechou. Afinal, há exatamente dois anos anunciamos o fechamento e demos um prazo de um ano, que se vai longe...


Campanha Inverno 2011 - Doe seu calor!

O Quintal de São Francisco espera que este ano, mesmo com um número bem menor de animais abrigados em razão do processo de fechamento do Abrigo, possa contar com todos os colaboradores na campanha....
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Anjo dos Cavalos e Quintal de São Francisco visitam Paraíso

Alguns animais retirados de sofrimento e abandono pelo PAC apoiado pelo Quintal de São Francisco e SozedSP encontraram enfim a aposentadoria e a esperada liberdade....
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Festa de adoção no CCZ/SP

O Centro de Controle de Zoonoses (CCZ), órgão da Coordenação de Vigilância em Saúde (COVISA), da Secretaria Municipal da Saúde, realizará no próximo dia 28 de maio, sábado, das 10hàs 16h mais uma...

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Quintal de São Francisco" Associação Beneficente de Proteção aos animais

Colabore: Banco Bradesco - agência 3130-5 - conta corrente 21.348-9
CNPJ - 53.760.104/0001-60 - Tel: (11) 2062-8263 - Fax: (11) 2215-8043



quinta-feira, 19 de maio de 2011

Oi! Tia nos ajude a REPASSAR

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"Precisamos aprender a amar todas as espécies vivas, aí sim teremos um mundo melhor e mais justo!
; ° ° ';.-""'-.,/)
(o_ ) -,,_ , ' )
' '(,(,,) (,(,,)     BJUS TATI

News About Animals - May 19, 2011

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May 19, 2011

Hope Animal Sanctuary poodle rescueMore Dogs Saved From A Hoarder! IDA To The Rescue Again!

Nobody has rescued more Mississippi dogs from hoarders than IDA and our Hope Animal Sanctuary. Read about our latest rescue - 23 poodles held in tiny cages in a breeder's living room. This is what your donations to IDA can accomplish for animals every day. Thank you for your continuing support.

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Lily TomlinLily Tomlin Endorses IDA's International Day Of Action For Elephants In Zoos

This year's International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos (IDAEZ) will take place on June 11. Activists around the world will hold outreach events and demonstrations to educate the public about the tragic effects of confining elephants in small, barren zoo enclosures.

IDA is pleased to have Lily Tomlin again support IDAEZ, the biggest event of the year for elephants. The accomplished actor and passionate activist for elephants issued this call to action:

"Elephants were never meant to be confined in zoos, where they are suffering and dying prematurely. Please help me share this important message by participating in the International Day of Action for Elephants in Zoos on June 11, a unique event that brings the world together to stop the suffering of elephants in zoos."

Click here to read more from Lily's statement, to see what events are scheduled near you, and to see how you can get involved.

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Ringling elephant and trainer Manny CenetaSave The Date - The Biggest Circus Protest On Earth Is Coming In July

Join IDA and hundreds of activists on July 20, 2011, for a history-making protest of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus when it opens at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. No matter where you live, you’ll want to make your way to L.A. for “The Biggest Circus Protest on Earth”!

Animals used by Ringling Bros. and other circuses are separated from their families, brutally trained to perform unnatural tricks, chained, confined to small cages and pens, and dragged around the country by train or truck for months on end. Help us put an end to their suffering by taking part in the biggest circus demo ever.

Then stay for the Animal Rights 2011 National Conference, the world's largest and oldest animal rights gathering, which starts on July 21 in L.A. and features speakers from IDA and other organizations. If you’re already planning to attend, come a day early for the protest and be a part of history!

For more information, contact For information on the conference, visit

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Phat CatMay Is Responsible Animal Guardian Month

Last week we asked: "What Are You Doing For Responsible Animal Guardian Month?" We really appreciate the heartfelt stories you shared.

We are pleased that so many of you are going out of your way to help animals not only during May, but year round. Here is a selection of your responses, and your photos.

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Project HopeMississippi Flood Rescue - IDA Operating Emergency Shelter

With the flood crest expected in different communities over the next week, dogs and cats left behind are helpless – able only to panic, run and hide as the waters rise to some of the highest levels on record. IDA's response to this disaster is being led by the director of our Hope Animal Sanctuary, Doll Stanley. Click here to see what IDA is doing to help.

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Shop At Vegetarian Site In May And IDA Gets A Percentage!
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In Defense of Animals is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We welcome your feedback and appreciate your donations. Please join today! All donations to IDA are tax-deductible.

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