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segunda-feira, 22 de agosto de 2011

Fwd: Save Drowning Turtles

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From: Tatiana Marshall, Oceana <>
Date: 2011/7/28
Subject: Save Drowning Turtles

Save thousands of turtles from drowning.

Dear Anne,

Turtles are Drowning in the Gulf

Trapped in shrimp nets, thousands upon thousands of endangered and threatened sea turtles are drowning in the Gulf each year. There are already regulations in place to prevent this sea turtle massacre, but the US government isn't enforcing the rules.


We are only 3,000 away from our 25,000 signature goal and 24 hours away from our deadline – take action NOW to save thousands of sea turtles from drowning »

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bycatchVictory! Court Rules in Oceana's Favor on Bycatch

Commercial fisheries from the Carolinas to the Canadian border are now required to report the amount of bycatch, or untargeted marine life, they catch. Bycatch is one of the main problems facing our oceans, with tons of fish wasted each year, in addition to thousands of sharks, dolphins, turtles, and other animals injured or killed.

Learn more about the collateral damage of fishing »

shark finningVictory! Chile Passes Shark Fin Ban

Earlier this month, Chile joined a growing list of countries to pass shark finning regulations. Since sharks don't respect international boundaries, this is a huge step forward for worldwide shark conservation.

Read more about this great victory »

Spanish Mercury VictoryOceana Uncovers Dangerous Mercury Levels in Fish

After three years of relentless pressure from Oceana, Spain has finally publically released the results of a 2003 study that documents high mercury rates in several fish. The report had been suppressed for fears of the negative effect on the fishing industry, regardless of the public health concerns for pregnant women and young children.

Read more about Oceana's public health fight »

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Anne Brito

VOCÊ pode salvar uma vida!

"Sou só uma, mas ainda assim sou uma.

Não posso fazer tudo, mas posso fazer alguma coisa.

E por, não poder fazer tudo, não deixarei de fazer o pouco q posso."

Nada + Nada = NADA
Pouco + Pouco = MUITO

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