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sexta-feira, 22 de abril de 2011

One REALLY cute seal

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From: Humane Society International <>
Reply-To: Humane Society International <>
Subject: One REALLY cute seal
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Watch William play in the sun, then please make an emergency gift to help seals like him.

April 19, 2011

Dear Anne,

William was one of the cutest baby seals I'd ever seen.

I spotted him when I was flying overhead with the Protect Seals team, wriggling around and basking in the sunshine on his tiny pan of ice. He was a real clown -- so much so that we named him after comedian Bill Maher, who supports our fight to save these pups.

See for yourself: Watch a quick video of William playing in the sun >>

Days later, I can't help but think about what's probably happened to him. But if caring about his fate encourages one person to support our campaign to end the slaughter, then his likely death will not have been in vain. Please make your donation today to help save the seals.>>

I'm haunted by the memory of William waving his flippers at our helicopter. It was the calm before the storm, before the sealers arrived and the ice started to run red with blood.

I think of the pups just like him whom I saw later, crying in agony. To see a two-week-old animal fight so hard for his life, to see him meet such a terrible end -- it's unbearable. But I know the horror we film is shutting down this barbaric slaughter.  

More than anything, I want to turn back the clock to that calm, sunny afternoon, unbroken by sealers' gunshots and bludgeoning hakapiks. This is how it could always be. And with your help, one day this is how it will be. We won't rest until every seal is safe >>

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