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terça-feira, 5 de abril de 2011

Fwd: Sea turtles and seals at risk from another oil spill!

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From: Jackie Savitz, Oceana <>
Date: 2011/4/5
Subject: Sea turtles and seals at risk from another oil spill!

Take Action to Protect the World's Oceans

Dear Anne,

Take Action

Take Action

Tell Congress to say NO to more offshore drilling.

Endangered sea turtles suffocating in an oil-slicked Gulf. Sea birds blackened with tar. Over 100 dolphins and whales found dead.

We don't have to imagine what kind of impact an oil spill could have on our oceans – we witnessed it first-hand. But less than one year after the devastating Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Rep. Doc Hastings (R-WA) has introduced legislation that would make it even easier to drill offshore – even in the recovering Gulf of Mexico.

We can't let another oil disaster happen on our watch. Oceana is leading the fight against these pro-drilling bills that threaten animals like sea turtles, whales and seals with another deadly spill – but we need you to stand with us.

Demand that say NO to legislation that would allow more offshore drilling. »

According to Rep. Hastings, "These are just the first three of an array of bills that will be introduced"1bills that would shorten the timeline to approve new drilling and open up vast areas of the Gulf and the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans to dangerous offshore drilling.

In the weeks to come, Congress will be considering Hastings' bills in the House and a similar bill just introduced by David Vitter in the Senate – and we can't let these reckless proposals become law.

Join us in taking a stand against Big Oil and its allies in Congress – take action now. »

Shockingly, the Deepwater Horizon explosion could be considered a "best case scenario" spill – located only 50 miles offshore, close to response and clean-up teams. Yet the response was not quick enough to save the thousands of animals found dead after the spill, and likely many more that were never found. For the whales, harp seals, and walruses in the Arctic, one of the places Big Oil is seeking to drill, help is hundreds of miles away. The consequences of a spill there could exceed the devastation we saw in the Gulf!

On every coast, hundreds of species – from threatened sea turtles in the Gulf of Mexico, to harp seals and beluga whales in the Arctic – are put in danger every time a new well is drilled. And it's up to us to protect them.

Don't let Big Oil put our oceans at risk. Urge to say NO to legislation that would open our oceans to more dangerous offshore drilling. »

Thank you for standing up for sea turtles, seals, and other marine animals.

For the oceans,
Jackie Savitz

P.S. Want to do even more to protect threatened sea turtles and seals from another oil spill? Join Oceana in the fight to stop offshore drilling for good – donate today to help us reach our $50,000 goal by April 20th.


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