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quinta-feira, 21 de abril de 2011

Fwd: Investigation Finds Horrors at Animal 'Hospice'

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From: PETA <>
Date: 2011/4/20
Subject: Investigation Finds Horrors at Animal 'Hospice'

PETA's Action Center Alert
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Dear Anne,

A chaotic, crowded hellhole: PETA's investigation found animals like Roscoe confined to bathrooms and even bathtubs.

Paralyzed animals denied wheelchair carts and dragging themselves until they developed bleeding wounds; animals whose bladders should be expressed every few hours kept in the same diaper for up to two days until they urinated on themselves and suffered urine scald; severely dehydrated animals denied access to water; animals confined to crates, bathrooms, and even a bathtub that they could not climb out of; animals denied treatment for pain, seizures, tumors, open wounds, respiratory infections, eye infections, ear infections, mouth and gum infections, and skin infections; crowded conditions so stressful that fights broke out daily ... those are just some of the horrors that PETA's undercover investigator found at Angel's Gate (AG), a self-proclaimed "hospice and rehabilitation center" for animals in Delhi, N.Y., founded and operated by Susan Marino.

AG takes in "special needs" animals from all over the United States and promises unsuspecting people that the animals will "live out their days in peace, dignity and love." PETA's photos and video show anything but. We found that Angel's Gate was a chaotic hellhole where animals whose conditions required special, individualized, round-the-clock care were deprived of basic necessities and quality of life.

Despite claiming to provide "hospice care" and "rehabilitation" to hundreds of animals, AG does not have a veterinarian on staff. PETA's investigation found that most animals were denied veterinary care for a variety of ailments, from simple to terminal. Our investigator discovered the following:

  • An elderly Chihuahua named Malcolm suffered terribly for about two weeks before he finally died—anemic, lethargic, thin, dehydrated, and unable to balance, walk, or even eat.
  • PETA's investigator found medication that had been prescribed for Shifty, a bulldog suffering from seizures, and Tucker, a dog with hydrocephalus, untouched almost a week after a veterinarian had dispensed them.
  • PETA's investigator repeatedly brought to Marino's attention the respiratory distress of a miniature horse named Mimi, who was denied veterinary care for days before she finally died. More than four months after Mimi's death, Marino still solicited sponsorship donations for Mimi's care on AG's website.

The animals at Angel's Gate need your help today!

PETA has turned over evidence to the Delaware County District Attorney's Office. Please join us in thanking District Attorney Richard Northrup Jr. for investigating AG and click here to politely urge him to ensure that the animals there get immediate help and to consider filing cruelty-to-animals charges against Marino.

Thank you.

For all animals,

Daphna Nachminovitch
Vice President
Cruelty Investigations Department
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

This e-mail was sent by PETA, 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510 USA.

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Anne Brito

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