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domingo, 17 de abril de 2011


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Sealers are killing baby seals right now. Please make an emergency gift to help save other seals from this fate:

April 14, 2011


Dear Anne,

No words can describe the helplessness and frustration I feel here in the harp seal nursery off the coast of Canada, where baby seals are being slaughtered all around us. To see these animals fight so hard for their lives -- and then to see them meet such an unfair and barbaric end -- is unbearable.

But our work here is absolutely crucial: As painful as it is, documenting this terrible cruelty -- and exposing it to the world -- is helping to shut down the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of baby seals.

Watch this video of our team flying over the harp seal nursery to witness sealers in action -- then, please make an emergency donation today to help us shine a spotlight on this cruelty and help end the slaughter:

The proof that we're making a difference is in the numbers: Three years ago, 217,000 seals were killed. Last year, it was down significantly -- around 69,000. But that's still 69,000 too many!

Our ongoing efforts to shut down markets for seals products around the world have saved thousands of seals. But thousands more will be killed this year and every year until we stop the slaughter.

Help us make the ice safe for every defenseless pup:

In all the years I've been devoted to this cause, we are closer now than ever before to ending the slaughter -- and it's because of you. I know if we work together, we can win this battle.

Anne Brito

VOCÊ pode salvar uma vida!

"Sou só uma, mas ainda assim sou uma.

Não posso fazer tudo, mas posso fazer alguma coisa.

E por, não poder fazer tudo, não deixarei de fazer o pouco q posso."

Nada + Nada = NADA
Pouco + Pouco = MUITO

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