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sábado, 19 de março de 2011

Fwd: Take a Stand Against Roadkill

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From: Trisha White, Defenders of Wildlife <>
Date: 2011/3/16
Subject: Take a Stand Against Roadkill

Wildlife Alert

Take a Stand Against Roadkill

Deer in the Road

Deadly wildlife-vehicle collisions are on the rise.

Help Prevent Wildlife Roadkill

Urge your governor to declare September 18th-24th as Watch Out for Wildlife Awareness Week.


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Dear ,

A car cruises along a winding, tree-lined road. The driver rounds a bend, sees a flash of fur and bright eyes glowing in the headlights. The wheel jerks and the tires screech.

This tragic scenario is becoming all too common on our roads, claiming the lives of millions of animals and hundreds of Americans every year. And the numbers are steadily rising. While the number of all reported crashes has been holding steady, the number of reported wildlife-vehicle collisions has skyrocketed – now representing one out of every 20 reported motor vehicle collisions, and occurring every 26 seconds

Help us reduce these tragedies. Urge your governor to declare the third week of September as Watch Out for Wildlife Awareness Week to raise awareness and educate drivers on how to prevent wildlife-vehicle collisions.

Roads and wildlife-vehicle collisions are bringing several species to the brink of extinction. A national study found 21 federally listed threatened or endangered species in the U.S. whose very survival is threatened by roadkill losses and fragmented habitats due to our nation's roads and highways.

Help prevent Americans and our wildlife from becoming road fatalities. Take action now.

Raising awareness can save lives.

Many drivers are unaware of the risk and cost associated with wildlife-vehicle collisions. By officially declaring Watch Out for Wildlife Awareness Week, your governor will spread the word about these accidents and help educate drivers to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions.

Raising awareness can also save money.

Wildlife-vehicle collisions come with a hefty price tag. The average cost per accident is $6,100, and the annual cost to society is estimated at a whopping $8.4 billion! Reducing the number of wildlife-vehicle collisions on our roadways will save billions of taxpayer dollars while making our nation's roadways safer.

Will you help prevent wildlife vehicle-collisions to save lives, save money and protect our wildlife? Please send a message to your governor right now.

Your governor needs to hear from you. Taking just 30 seconds right now could help save a life – maybe even your own. We want to keep our wildlife and our Defenders of Wildlife around for many years to come!  Please take action now.

Patricia A. White, Defenders of Wildlife Trisha White
Director, Habitat and Highways Program
Defenders of Wildlife

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