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sábado, 5 de março de 2011

CORRECTION: eNews: Hatch Targets Wolves

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From: Defenders of Wildlife <>
Date: 2011/2/11
Subject: CORRECTION: eNews: Hatch Targets Wolves

An earlier version of Wildlife eNews left out an "r" in Senator Orrin Hatch's name. The corrected version appears below.
We regret the error.

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Senate Targets Wolves

Gray Wolf (Ron Paul) The anti-wolf sentiment has moved from the U.S. House to the Senate as Utah's Orrin Hatch introduced a bill to remove federal protections for all gray wolves in the U.S. -- a move that would certainly doom the few remaining Mexican gray wolves struggling to survive in Arizona and New Mexico and set a dangerous precedent for removing Endangered Species Act protections for some of our most vulnerable wildlife.

Take action now: Urge your Senators to reject anti-wolf bills -- and defend the integrity of the Endangered Species Act.

Take Action

U.S. activists without a senator can still email their representative. If you haven't already, urge your U.S. representative to reject anti-wolf bills in the House.


La Vida Lobo

Mexican wolf (USFWS)After the most recent count, around 50 Mexican gray wolves remain in the wild in Arizona and New Mexico.

While poaching and anti-wolf hatred have stood in the way of el lobo's recovery, Defenders' partnerships with ranchers and a new eco-tourism initiative by the White Mountain Apache tribe could hold the key to the survival of these rare wolves.

Learn more from Defenders magazine.

Learn more and watch a video about the White Mountain Apache Wilderness Journey.

Wins for Wildlife

Arctic Reprieve
Royal Dutch Shell has abandoned plans for exploratory drilling in the Beaufort Sea. The decision grants a temporary reprieve for U.S. polar bears.
>>Learn More

Polar bear (Photo: S. Miller/USFWS)

Shielding the Refuge
Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman introduced legislation to grant Wilderness protections to the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a move that would shield this national treasure from Big Oil's drills.
>>Learn More

Arctic Fox (USFWS)

Big Win for Parrots and Mangroves
In a major year-end victory in Mexico, Defenders' Juan Carlos Cantú helped secure protections for four different species of coastal mangrove trees and seven different species of imperiled parrots.
>>Learn More

parrot (Katherine Renton)
Defending Wildlife

Wolfer Turned Advocate

Mexican Wolf (USFWS)Carter Niemeyer knows a thing or two about wolves. In fact, he's written a book (Wolfer: A Memoir) on his more than 25 years worth of experiences as a trapper for Wildlife Services and Idaho wolf recovery coordinator for the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Now retired, Carter is calling on his former employer to help people coexist with wolves -- rather than perpetuating conflict.

"The problem isn't the wolf," Carter said in an interview with Defenders. "It's human/wolf conflicts both real and perceived, and these will most likely never go away."

Learn more about Carter Niemeyer and read the interview on Defenders' blog

Creature Feature

Mexican Gray Wolf
Mexican Wolf (USFWS)Mexican wolves are the most endangered wolves in the world. The most recent count puts their numbers at around 50 animals living in the wilds of Arizona and New Mexico.

Learn more about Mexican wolves.

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