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segunda-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2010

Fwd: New attack on endangered wolves. Take emergency action

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From: NRDC - Peter Lehner <>
Date: 2010/12/6
Subject: New attack on endangered wolves. Take emergency action

Natural Resources Defense Council

Dear Anne,

WOLF EMERGENCY Red Alert on Wolves
In the next few days, both the Senate and House could strip wolves of federal protection and abandon them to widespread slaughter -- possibly with full support from the Obama Administration.

Send a message to your senators and representative right now -- for the sake of wolf survival!

Just when you thought the situation couldn't get any more dire for wolves . . . it has.

Last week I alerted you that a group of senators might hijack a spending bill in order to strip wolves in the Northern Rockies of their endangered species protection, opening them to mass killing by state governments.

Over the past few days, members of the House have mounted the same legislative stealth attack on wolves.

But even worse: the Obama Administration may be about to join them!

Tell your senators and representative to oppose this senseless assault on an endangered species.

The media is reporting that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has been meeting with the governors of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming in an attempt to reach a legislative deal that would put wolves under the control of Rocky Mountain states that want to kill hundreds of them.

If the Obama Administration teams up with anti-wolf forces on Capitol Hill, then an agreement to abandon wolves could be voted on and passed in the next 10 days.

Don't forget: it was Interior Secretary Salazar who kicked wolves off the Endangered Species List last year. It was only legal action by NRDC and our partners that restored live-saving protections to wolves this past summer.

Now, members of Congress -- and perhaps the Interior Secretary -- are looking to bypass both our court victory and good science, which say that wolves should remain on the Endangered Species List, protected from mass killing, until they're fully recovered.

Tell all three of your lawmakers not to abandon wolves to state control and certain slaughter.

It will take only a minute of your time but could help spell the difference between life and death for endangered wolves across the Northern Rockies.

Do NOT assume that your representative and senators will defend wolves because they are pro-wildlife or pro-environment. Many lawmakers will be under tremendous pressure to support this measure if it is attached to a spending bill, especially if it has the support of the Obama Administration.

Congress has never before removed an animal from the Endangered Species List. Doing so now will not only lead to the widespread killing of wolves, it will set a terrible precedent by replacing scientific judgment with political calculation -- undermining the very basis of the Endangered Species Act.

The return of wolves to Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies is one of America's greatest conservation success stories. Don't let Congress turn that success into slaughter.

Please stand up for wolves by speaking out today!


Peter Lehner
Executive Director


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