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terça-feira, 27 de julho de 2010

PETA E-News: Pamela Anderson's Provocative New Vegetarian Ad

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The National Institutes of Health plans to send 200 previously retired chimpanzees to a research center, where they will likely be used in invasive experiments. Help save chimpanzees now!

Be Kind to Cockroaches

Recent studies have proved that cockroaches are intelligent, social beings. But if you're not ready to roll out the welcome mat, check out these simple tips to help keep unwanted bugs at bay.

By baring some serious skin, Pamela is encouraging people to ditch meat and proving that all animals have the same parts. See the stunning ad that's got everyone talking.

Why would NASA plan to spend $2 million to blast monkeys with radiation? PETA's new video asks, "Do You Really Know NASA?" Watch now, and learn how you can help monkeys!

Give McCruelty the Bird!

This is your chance to give McCruelty and the ruthless clown the ol' finger for birds everywhere. Show McDonald's that you're hatin' it.

Foie gras is synonymous with cruelty. Lucky for you, the Regal Vegan has created an animal-friendly version of this classic French dish. Enter to win now!

PETA's 2011 Student Planner

Give your favorite student PETA's Student Planner and help him or her get a little more organized while learning simple ways to help animals. It even includes tons of easy-to-prepare vegan recipes!

The Most Veg-Friendly Cities

With so many smart folks going vegetarian, the number of restaurants catering to our appetites is booming. Check out our all-inclusive list of the most vegetarian-friendly cities in North America.

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Vegan Desserts Shouldn't Be Nasty!

Finally your favorite desserts have been made to perfection—which means, of course, that they're vegan. With the help of Claire Gosse's new cookbook Are You Sure That's Vegan?, you can prepare crème brûlée, Nanaimo bars, cheesecake, butter tarts, and more. Start making and enjoying the best desserts, and show your friends that you don't have to sacrifice taste to be vegan!

Jelique Products Inc.

Jelique Products Inc. develops, manufactures, and packages personal-care products for a very specialized clientele. The company has earned an excellent reputation for quality products and service. Jelique Products Inc. will always stay sensitive to the environment and never tests its products on animals.

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China's Cruel Fur Industry

10% Wool

10% Wool

Click here to see the latest "10% Wool" comic by Jeff Corriveau, the creator of "DeFlocked."

Photo Credits
Take a Minute to Save Chimpanzees Image: © / Carlos Alvarez
Be Kind to Cockroaches Image: © / Marcus Jones
The Most Veg-Friendly Cities Image: © / Rosemary Buffoni

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