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terça-feira, 27 de julho de 2010


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Campaign Update: July 23, 2010


Wild animals raised or trapped and then killed for their fur suffer unbearable agony for a frivolous purpose. Now, politicians in one country are recognizing this. In a few weeks, Israel will vote on a bill that could make history for animals by outlawing the production,
processing, import, export and sale of fur from animals killed for their skins. Read more, then take action to help ensure it passes >>


Few tourists visiting South Africa on safari are aware that thousands of lions are cruelly killed in canned hunts. Raised in captive breeding facilities, these animals grow used to humans and make easy targets for trophy hunters when their owners offer their lives for
profit. Regulations to ban such activity have been established, but the canned hunt industry is fighting hard to prevent them from going into effect. South Africa's Minister of Tourism needs to hear that canned lion hunting hurts the country's image. Read more and take action >>


If you've visited lately, you probably noticed our whole new look! If you haven't, please come check us out. Re-organized around animals and issues, with the latest news now available in one place, actions embedded with stories, and content available in different languages, we hope you'll find our new site compelling and user-friendly. Tell us what you think >>


Six horses dead in cruel Calgary Stampede:

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