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quinta-feira, 19 de abril de 2012

Fwd: Help save dolphins from nets

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From: Emily Fisher, Oceana <>
Date: 2012/3/30
Subject: Help save dolphins from nets

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Dear Anne,
Help Save Dolphins from Fishing Nets
Every year, hundreds of dolphins are accidently caught in fishing nets. The nets wrap around their fins and tails, preventing them from rising for air. If they are not brought up in about fifteen minutes, these dolphins drown. Oceana works to protect dolphins and other untargeted animals who find themselves in fishermen's nets and traps. With your help, we can fight harder to minimize these sad deaths and make the oceans a safer and healthier place for dolphins to swim.
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Victory: Stops Selling Manta Ray products!

Earlier this month we told you that was selling boots and wallets made from manta ray leather. Nearly 40,000 signed our petition to the company, and they responded by removing all manta ray products from their website! Thanks to all of you who took action!
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Shell Sues Oceana Over Arctic Drilling

Shell's plans to drill in the Arctic took a strange turn when Shell decided to preemptively sue Oceana and several other environmental groups in an attempt to keep us from challenging their plan. Despite Shell's claims, there is no proven way to clean up an oil spill in Arctic waters, and Shell's plan to drill is putting the Arctic and its animals at risk.
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Fishy Business: Can You Trust Your Seafood?

Seafood fraud is more common than you might think. Up to 70% of seafood could be mislabeled in some manner, misleading consumers on everything from where it was caught to even what species it is. In a new report, we explain how seafood fraud hurts the oceans and public health.
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Belize 30,000 Strong Against Offshore Drilling in Belize

Oil companies want to drill in Belize's Barrier Reef, and the people of Belize are not happy. Oceana collected 20,000 signatures against the drilling, enough to trigger a referendum, but the government rejected 8,000 of them for 'poor penmanship.' Denied an official referendum, nearly 30,000 Belizeans showed up to Oceana's 'People's Referendum', overwhelmingly voting against the drilling plan. The fight is far from over, but we will stand strong with the people of Belize.
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Oceana Urges Protection for '30 Mediterranean Jewels'

Our scientists recently picked 30 Mediterranean jewels – ecologically valuable areas that deserve protection – and will be presenting them as part of a larger proposal to create a network of protected areas across the Mediterranean. Keeping these jewels protected will help keep the entire sea vibrant and healthy.
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Chilean Court Nixes Thermoelectric Power Plant

Plans to build a thermonuclear power plant on a shoreline rich in marine biodiversity has been shot down in court after Oceana and local citizens spoke out against the plan. This plant would damage both the marine life in the water and the communities along the shore. The case will be moving to the Chilean Supreme Court, and we will continue to fight for the Chilean people and their waters.
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To the Arctic

We're excited to be a partner of 'To the Arctic,' a new IMAX film by MacGillivray Freeman coming out April 20. The film is narrated by Meryl Streep and follows the journey of a polar bear mother and her cubs.
Check out the trailer»
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