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sexta-feira, 10 de fevereiro de 2012

Fwd: Urgent Action: Save Jaguars from Foreign Mining Interests

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From: Matt Clark, Defenders of Wildlife <>

Wildlife Alert

The comment deadline for a jaguar-threatening mining proposal has been extended to Tuesday, January 31st. Be sure to send your message now to protect these rare cats, ocelots and other wildlife from foreign mining interests.

 Tell the U.S. Forest Service to Protect Wildlife Habitat in the Coronado National Forest

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The Coronado National Forest provides important habitat for ocelots, jaguars, Sonoran desert tortoises and other wildlife. If the Rosemont Copper Mine is permitted, important wildlife habitat could be destroyed.

Take Action

Copper Mining could completely destroy important wildlife habitat in the Coronado National Forest. Send a message to the U.S. Forest Service now and urge them to reject the Rosemont Mine.

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Dear Anne,

Right now, a Canadian mining firm is attempting to open a 4,500-acre copper mine in the Coronado National Forest, in the heart of suitable ocelot and jaguar habitat – on U.S. Forest Service Land!

Will you tell the Forest Service to stand up to foreign mining interests, and protect imperiled wildlife like jaguars and ocelots?

We celebrated huge news late last year, when a jaguar was sighted in Arizona – the first jaguar sighting in the U.S. in 3 years. This jaguar was seen in a mountain range directly adjacent to the Santa Rita Mountains where the Rosemont Copper Project is proposed.  And now, as jaguars are making their way back to Arizona, new mining exploration could destroy the very habitat that they are seeking.

The proposed "Rosemont Mine" would heavily impact the Santa Rita mountains – a biologically rich "sky island" mountain range on the Coronado National Forest. This land is vital habitat for many animals, potential habitat for countless others, as well as recreational space used by families across the region.

Send a message to the Forest Service now and urge them to protect our wildlife.

What makes the matter even worse is that the company that is looking to open the mine, Augusta Resources, has never operated a mine or produced any mineral product. Opening the Rosemont Mine would be their first exploration into this sensitive business, and could have big consequences for the natural communities, farming communities and outdoor recreation-based economies in the surrounding region.

Apart from the 4,500-acre mine, thousands more acres of land will be overtaken by roads needed to access the mine. These roads, and the heavy truck traffic on them, would even further disrupt important wildlife corridors and likely increase wildlife road kills.

The Rosemont Mine will devastate the Coronado National Forest. Send your message now, before it's too late, and make your voice heard.

Much of the land that would be indirectly impacted is sensitive riparian lands, like Davidson Canyon and Cienega Creek. These designated "outstanding waterways" are vital to wildlife as well as people living across the region.

We have too much to risk by allowing the Rosemont Mine to move forward with their destructive mining plans in Arizona. Tell the Forest Service to reject this mine and protect this important wildlife habitat.

Comments are due by Tuesday, January 31st, so be sure to send your message now and make your voice heard.


Matt Clark, Southwest Representative

Matt Clark
Southwest Representative
Defenders of Wildlife

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