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segunda-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2012

eNews: More Room for Bison; Seeking Safety for Panthers; Saying Goodbye

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Date: 2012/1/13
Subject: eNews: More Room for Bison; Seeking Safety for Panthers; Saying Goodbye

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Bison: More Room to Roam
Bison (National Park Service) As the only national conservation organization that has helped fund bison restoration on tribal lands of the Assiniboine, Gros Venture and Sioux Tribes, Defenders and our supporters are playing a unique role in helping bring North America's largest land mammal back to the Great Plains.

Last month, we reached an important milestone when Montana officials approved a plan to allow 68 of these magnificent animals -- some of the last genetically pure wild bison in America -- to be moved to tribal lands at Fort Peck and Fort Belknap Indian Reservations.

These bison -- which might have otherwise faced slaughter -- will soon have more space to roam as new tribal conservation herds.

Speak out now to thank Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer for helping move this plan forward -- and to urge him to continue efforts to ensure that America's wild bison have more room to roam.

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Seeking Safety for Panthers
Florida panther (USFWS)Four decades ago, there were as few as 20 Florida panthers left in the wild. Today, thanks to conservation efforts, biologists estimate their population at 100-160 -- a number that has slowly grown, but is still precariously low.

Habitat loss and fragmentation are taking a toll on these rare cats as development continues in South Florida. Increased conflicts with people and vehicle collisions pose grave threats to their recovery.

That's why Defenders and our partners are working with ranchers and state and local officials to protect these panthers -- and ensure they continue to have room to roam.

Learn how Defenders is helping ranchers and panthers coexist.

Learn more about how technology is helping Florida panthers -- and drivers.

Read how Defenders Florida Representative Elizabeth Fleming was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a panther -- and helped secure a slow-zone for wildlife on a busy highway.
Wins for Wildlife
Great News for Great Lakes Wolves.
After rebounding from the brink of extinction, gray wolves in the western Great Lakes were removed from the list of endangered and threatened species last month. Defenders and our partners have fought to ensure that these wolves were fully recovered before this successful delisting.
>> Learn More
Gray Wolf (BLM)
Early Christmas for America's Reindeer
More than 375,000 acres of land in Idaho and Washington were designated "critical habitat" for endangered woodland caribou. Thanks to the actions of Defenders and our conservation partners, these rare reindeer relatives will have a better chance at survival.
>>Learn More
Woodland Caribou (FWS)
Defending Wildlife
Saying Goodbye
Dave GaillardDefenders' Dave Gaillard and Ventana Wildlife Society's Mike Tyner likely never met, but their passion for some of America's rarest animals binds the legacy of these two conservationists.

For Dave, it was lynx, wolverine, fishers and the wild places these creatures need to survive. For Mike, it was the California condor -- an amazing bird that almost slipped into extinction.

Mike Tyner releasing endangered California condor. It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Dave and Mike, two conservationists who truly made a difference for our wildlife and wild places. They left this world too early, but made it a better place for all.

Learn more about Dave Gaillard and just a few of his amazing accomplishments with Defenders.

Learn more about Mike Tyner and his work for endangered California condors.

Creature Feature
Get Wild

I support Defenders of Wildlife because you uphold and fight for the beauty that is nature. -- Kane A., Vancouver, WA
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