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quinta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2011

Remembering animals in laboratories this holiday season

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Remembering animals in laboratories this holiday season

The only name known for this monkey, #082-036, was the one scrawled on his chest. He's one of thousands tormented by notorious Washington-based animal testing conglomerate Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, the third largest importer of monkeys to the United States.     A whistleblower recently helped PETA expose the horrors perpetrated by this company, which conducts painful and lethal tests on tens of thousands of primates, dogs, rabbits, and other animals every year as a contract laboratory for drug companies and even supplies monkeys for cruel experiments conducted by  the U.S. government. For many of these animals, nearly all of their lives will be spent in a cold metal cage waiting to be prodded, cut, and injected―over and over again―until they die or they are considered no longer useful and are killed.   Please help PETA save animals like #082-036 from suffering and abuse wherever and whenever they occur. Your special gift today can make 2012 a brighter year for all animals. Dear Anne,

PETA is fighting for the right of all animals to live free from suffering and abuse, and one of our most important tasks is to help the millions of individual dogs, mice, cats, monkeys, and other animals who are right now suffering in laboratory cages. Thanks to the compassion of more than 3 million members and supporters just like you, we've made tremendous strides to save animals from being killed in cruel and archaic tests throughout this past year.

Will you help us do even more for these and all animals in 2012 by making a tax-deductible year-end gift to PETA right now? Make a gift today of $25 or more, and we'll send you a "Proud to Belong" window decal to help share your pride as a PETA donor.

2011 may stand as one of the best years ever in PETA's more than 30 years of fighting for animals in laboratories. Here are just a few of the many highlights from the last 12 months:

  • The U.S. Army responded to months of intense campaigning by PETA and thousands of supporters like you by ending painful training exercises in which dozens of monkeys were poisoned with a drug overdose that made them suffer from violent seizures.
  • After vigorous PETA protests, the University of Michigan and Utah's Primary Children's Medical Center ended cruel intubation training laboratories in which hard plastic tubes were forced down the throats of vulnerable cats who were ruthlessly obtained from animal shelters. Other facilities quietly replaced these archaic and inhumane procedures this past year as well after private conversations with PETA about the benefits of modern medical simulation tools.
  • Unilever—the parent company of Lipton—declared that it would ban experiments on animals for all its tea products within days of a meeting between Lipton executives and PETA.
While victories like these are saving animals' lives, there are still millions of other animals who are right now sitting in laboratories, waiting for our help. Can I count on you to support PETA's work for these and all animals with your tax-deductible gift today?

A few short weeks ago, we revealed shocking new video footage of the mistreatment of animals by notorious animal testing company Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories (SNBL)—footage that painfully demonstrates just how much our commitment to shut down animal tests is needed.

After a distraught whistleblower saw that concerns about the mistreatment of animals at SNBL were being ignored, she reached out to PETA to help expose some of the horrible abuses she'd witnessed. She documented that monkeys were hooked to metal tethers that continuously dripped chemicals and ice-cold fluid into their veins, sometimes for months at a time. She shared how monkeys were confined to restraining chairs while being injected intravenously for many hours straight and that some workers at the facility had such violent disregard for animals' well-being that it was not uncommon for monkeys to have bloodied noses, broken fingers and toes, and bent or deformed tails.

For many, SNBL is most notorious as the company that boiled a monkey to death in 2008 when her cage was put into a high-temperature cage-washing machine while she was still in it. Federal inspectors have found hundreds of violations of the federal Animal Welfare Act during past reviews of SNBL and fined the company more than $40,000 in recent years.

PETA is doing all that we can to stop abuses like those exposed by this whistleblower—wherever they may occur. By making a secure online contribution to PETA right now, you'll help us do even more for all animals in the coming year.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. Please help us bring about more groundbreaking changes for animals in 2012 by making a year-end donation to PETA right now. Receive a "Proud to Belong" window decal with your gift of $25 or more today.

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