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quinta-feira, 8 de dezembro de 2011

Keep Dogs Out of the Cold This Winter

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Keep Dogs Out of the Cold This Winter. Donate Now!
Be an Angel for a Dog in Need Today! Dear Anne,

Through the generosity of "Angels for Animals" doghouse sponsors, Prince and 600 dogs just like him can look forward to the shelter of a sturdy doghouse throughout these frigid winter months and for many years to come.

Too many dogs are facing months of sleet and snow while chained in freezing backyards with only the most decrepit of shelter, if any. Helping these dogs is the reason why PETA created the "Angels for Animals" program.

PETA has delivered more than 4,000 durable, custom-built doghouses—free of charge—to dogs who otherwise would have to endure the bitter wind, ice, and snow of winter or the sweltering heat of summer without any shelter or with little more than a piece of metal or wood propped against a fence. Each doghouse is built to last and filled with straw bedding to help provide a dry place for the dogs to curl up in—the first time some have ever had adequate shelter. The dogs are able to use their body heat (and the straw that we include) to stay warm on the coldest of nights.

"Angels for Animals" sponsors help our fieldworkers do much more than just providing dogs in need with a sturdy new home. They also give them the resources to replace the heavy chains often found on "backyard dogs" with a proper collar and a lightweight tie-out that can't tangle and, if needed, arrange for them to be spayed or neutered. They also allow us to make regular follow-up visits to the dogs we have helped, enabling us to provide them with toys, treats, fresh straw bedding, and some much-needed affection.

Will you help give comfort to a forgotten dog right now?

Of course, we want all guardians to let the dogs in their lives live inside as loved family members. But if we can't convince them to do so—and there is not extreme neglect that requires intervention by local authorities—our fieldworkers help ensure that the dogs receive the shelter and attention that they need.

In the 13 years since this vital program's inception, we've seen firsthand how much it can improve the life of a vulnerable dog. The "before" photos can be deeply upsetting: dogs confined to a bare patch of dirt or mud and chained like rusty old bicycles to trash cans or trees with a heavy tractor-trailer chain.

It's the dozens of "after" photos of these dogs' faces—like that of Prince—that let us know just how much dogs need the basic, vital shelter that these sturdy, straw-filled homes provide.

Thank you for all that you are doing for dogs and all animals this holiday season.

Kind regards,
Ingrid Newkirk
Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. As you can see from the personal account of an "Angels for Animals" worker above, your doghouse sponsorship today can bring shelter, warmth, and some measure of hope to a neglected dog. Please become an "Angels for Animals" doghouse sponsor right now.
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