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sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2011

Fwd: Join me in keeping Big Oil away from the Spirit Bear Coast

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From: NRDC -- Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. <>
Date: 2011/11/21
Subject: Join me in keeping Big Oil away from the Spirit Bear Coast

Save the Spirit Bear Coast

It Will Only Take One Oil Spill to Destroy the Spirit Bear's Home.
Spirit Bear
A Canadian energy giant is targeting the heart of the Spirit Bear Coast with a tar sands oil pipeline and supertanker traffic.

Help NRDC come to the rescue of some of the world's very last remaining Spirit Bears.

Donate now
Dear Anne,
We simply must not stand by while energy giants threaten the very existence of the Spirit Bear -- a living reminder of our continent's priceless wilderness heritage.

The Enbridge corporation is planning a colossal pipeline that would bring dirty tar sands oil -- and supertankers -- into the heart of the Spirit Bear's rainforest home in coastal British Columbia. A catastrophic oil spill is almost sure to follow.

I'm asking for your immediate and personal support to help stop them.

Please make an online donation to help NRDC block the Northern Gateway pipeline and save the Spirit Bear Coast.

You couldn't pick a worse place to terminate a tar sands oil pipeline than the rugged Spirit Bear Coast. Enbridge plans to load its oil onto supertankers that will have to navigate a channel six times narrower than the passage that sank the Exxon Valdez.

It's only a matter of time before one of them is sunk by the coastline's treacherous reefs, fast moving currents and frequent hurricane-force winds.

Spirit Bears will not be the only victims. A major oil spill could blanket the entire coastline with thick, toxic tar sands crude ... suffocating its orcas and humpback whales ... poisoning its marine birds ... and contaminating the world-class salmon runs on which the entire ecosystem -- and the peoples of 70 different First Nations -- depend.

Please make a donation right now that can help us stave off this disaster. Your gift will allow NRDC to arm the media with the facts, testify against the pipeline in crucial government hearings and mobilize continent-wide grassroots opposition that can halt Enbridge in its tracks.

With your support, we will defend our environment in the most effective way possible.

This fight isn't simply about protecting one of our continent's last and greatest wild places. It may also be one of our last chances to stand up for our planet against the tyranny of fossil fuel dependency that threatens to impoverish us all.

The world has far better and more sustainable energy choices than extracting and burning tar sands oil. To ignore those saner solutions now is to condemn both ourselves and the generations that follow to a dismal future.

I, for one, am not prepared to allow the land of the Spirit Bear to be buried forever in a flood of toxic oil from a supertanker. I hope you're not either.

Please help NRDC aid the Canadian First Nations in this historic struggle to stave off Big Oil's assault on the Spirit Bear Coast. It is our shared heritage and global future that is at stake.

I am deeply grateful for the continued generosity of outstanding individuals like you, whom NRDC can rely on when we need you most. Please let me know that I can count on your support today.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
NRDC Senior Attorney

Donations to this campaign will be used to save the Spirit Bear Coast or for other campaigns that allow NRDC to defend our environment in the most effective way possible.

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