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sábado, 26 de novembro de 2011

Fwd: Seals going hungry in an ocean wasteland

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From: Tatiana Marshall, Oceana <>
Date: 2011/11/8
Subject: Seals going hungry in an ocean wasteland

Take Action to Protect the World's Oceans
Fur seal pups need your help so they don't go hungry. Take action to protect their home in pristine Chilean waters »
Dear Anne,

Don't let his home be bulldozed

Speak up now to protect fur seals from bottom trawling »
The homes of endangered Juan Fernandez fur seals and other animals are in immediate danger from bottom trawling. We need to take action right now to save them.

Take action now for Juan Fernandez fur seal »
Right now, bottom trawlers are wreaking havoc in Juan Fernandez's pristine waters - where corals, fish, and these unique fur seals once flourished, barren wastelands will be all that remain.

Bottom trawlers drag huge, heavy nets across the ocean floor, leaves scars that last for generations.

The sea mountains of Juan Fernandez are home to thousands of types of fish. These fish are crucially important to feed newborn fur seal pups, whose mothers already have to leave them for almost two weeks to find them enough to eat.

If the Chilean government bans bottom trawling and creates protected zones in special areas of the ocean, we could protect corals, other critical habitat, and all the life that depends on them. Animals like fur seals, dolphins, and whales could have safe homes and the fish they need to survive.

Chileans understand how important healthy oceans are to their livelihoods. Even many fishermen, whose livelihoods depend on being able to catch fish, support marine reserves. That's because responsible fishing makes sure the oceans will be able to feed people – and fur seals – for generations.

We need to stand up for fur seals and the other animals and stop those who want to expand bottom trawling in Juan Fernandez. But to do so, we need to show Chile that the world is watching – and that we care.
Will you help us ask Chile to protect fur seals and the Juan Fernandez Archipeligo from bottom trawling? »
Tatiana Marshall For the oceans,
Tatiana Marshall

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