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quinta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2011

Fwd: eNews: Wildlife Suffers When Congress Attacks; Big Shark Win; and More...

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From: Defenders of Wildlife <>
Date: 2011/11/11
Subject: eNews: Wildlife Suffers When Congress Attacks; Big Shark Win; and More...

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When Congress Attacks...
Sea Turtle (NOAA); Polar Bears (Joan Cambray) The budget axe is in full swing and Congress is aiming straight for our struggling wildlife.

On the table are cuts for vital sea turtle habitat, slashing programs that protect polar bears and hundreds of other threatened and endangered species and significant cuts to our already underfunded National Wildlife Refuge System.

If you haven't already, please take action now to ensure Congress keeps America's treasures off the chopping block.

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Victory for Sharks!
Shark (NOAA)With a stroke of the pen, California Governor Jerry Brown sealed a big win for the mightiest ocean predators -- trade in shark fins will be banned in the state starting in 2013.

Defenders and our allies played a major role in making this shark-saving law possible -- including more than 54,000 messages sent by Defenders supporters in California to their elected officials.

Learn more about this amazing win on the Defenders Blog.
Wins for Wildlife
Courts Side with Arctic Icons...
Two key decisions from federal courts will help protect polar bears, thanks to litigation from Defenders and our allies. A federal judge struck down a Bush-era rule that exempted greenhouse gas regulation to help save polar bears. In a separate decision the court upheld a ban on imports of sport-hunted polar bear trophies into the U.S.
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Polar Bear (MMS)
...And Salmon
Salmon and clean water came out winners in a federal court ruling against allowing more pesticides in our rivers. Defenders and our conservation allies intervened in the case to protect important waterways for struggling salmon and steelhead.
>>Learn More
Salmon (BLM)
Golden State Successes
The California legislative session ended last month with several successes for our wildlife and wild places. Defenders played a leading role to ensure desert tortoises, sea otters, sharks and other struggling wildlife came out winners.
>>Learn More
Deser Tortoise (USFWS)
New Vision for Refuges
The Obama administration released a new roadmap for managing the more than 150 million acres of wildlife refuges across the nation. Defenders supports the vision and will continue to work with the Department of the Interior to ensure the strategy is implemented.
>>Learn More
Colusa National Wildlife Refuge (Gary Morgret)
Defending Wildlife
The Real Value of Wolf Coexistence
Participants gathered for a wolf coexistence workshop this summer in Carey, Idaho.Nestled in Idaho's Wood River Valley, Blaine County is ground zero for one of Defenders' most successful wolf-saving programs.

Each year during the summer grazing season, more than 10,000 sheep move through the area -- in the heart of wolf habitat. And for the last four years, Defenders has been working with ranchers, local officials and wildlife managers to keep livestock and wolves out of harm's way, using non-lethal techniques.

During last month's Wolf Awareness Week, County Commissioner Larry Schoen -- a key partner in the Wood River Valley project -- shared his thoughts on the real value of coexisting with wolves in his county.

Read Commissioner Larry Schoen's post on the Defenders Blog.

Creature Feature
Whooping Cranes
Whooping Crane (Ryan Hagerty, USFWS)There are only a few hundred whooping cranes left in the wild. These endangered birds -- and other struggling wildlife -- depend in part on our national wildlife refuges for survival.

Urge Congress not to cut vital funding for our wildlife.

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I support Defenders because they support wildlife. It's that simple. -- Andrea F. Albuquerque, NM
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