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sábado, 12 de novembro de 2011

Fw: Sea turtles, Polar bears at risk... We're going to stop the axe.

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Defenders of Wildlife

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Sent: Tuesday, 01 November, 2011 6:30 AM
Subject: Sea turtles, Polar bears at risk... We're going to stop the axe.

Friend Will you let Congress sacrifice the natural treasures that are our children and grandchildren's birthright? Right now lawmakers are considering spending cuts that could devastate protections for animals like threatened and endangered sea turtles, polar bears and rare Sonoran pronghorn antelope.

Defenders of Wildlife is fighting back and we need your help. Please make a tax-deductible donation today to help our imperiled animals.

Donate now to save sea turtles, polar bears and more

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Help save wildlife from the budget axe. Please donate now to support our emergency campaign for sea turtles, polar bears and other wildlife threatened by budget cuts.

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Wildlife Supporter,

The budget axe.

It's a deadly weapon in the wrong hands and could spell disaster for some of America's most treasured – and imperiled – wildlife and wild places.
Right now, Congress is considering slashing vital programs that protect sea turtles, polar bears and hundreds of other species.

Today, Defenders of Wildlife and our coalition partners are launching a brand-new campaign to protect these vital safeguards for our wildlife… and we need your support.

Help fund our emergency campaign to save wildlife threatened by budget cuts. Please make a tax-deductible donation today.

If you've never donated to Defenders of Wildlife, now is the time to support our work with an emergency donation.

A key committee in the House of Representatives has already approved cuts that would threaten the very survival of some of our most precious wildlife:

  • Sea Turtles. Lawmakers in the House have slashed funding for the Multinational Species Conservation Fund, denying threatened and endangered sea turtles vital habitat protections and inching these imperiled and ancient seafarers even closer to extinction.
  • Polar Bears. Congress is considering a 20% cut to programs that protect hundreds of threatened and endangered species – animals like America's threatened polar bears. Without help, these beloved bears could disappear from our country by 2050.
  • Wildlife Habitat. The House is considering significant cuts to the National Wildlife Refuge System – a move that would imperil threaten the survival of rare Sonoran pronghorns and hundreds of other species.
As a former head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, I know just how devastating these cuts would be. That's why Defenders of Wildlife has committed to an emergency campaign to stop these cuts. But we need your help.

Your donation today will help…

Run hard-hitting ads (like the one above) in National Journal Daily, one of the most widely read publications on Capitol Hill. Our first ad runs today, with two additional ads running tomorrow and Wednesday. These ads will cost thousands of dollars, but they'll ensure that lawmakers know just what's at stake when it comes to cutting wildlife-saving programs.

Bring wildlife experts from across the country to Washington to lobby Congress on the importance of protecting our imperiled species. Airfare isn't cheap, but we know that these expert voices can make a powerful difference in the fight to protect sea turtles, polar bears and hundreds of other species from the devastating budget cuts now being considered in Congress

And much more. Defenders of Wildlife's advocates on Capitol Hill are working tirelessly to protect wildlife-saving programs from the budget axe. Our media team is engaged in highly targeted and strategic outreach to news outlets in key Congressional districts. And our grassroots mobilization team is preparing a campaign to engage tens of thousands of activists in the next few days.

We need to raise at least $30,000 in the next 48 hours to support these emergency efforts. Please make a donation now.

The choice is clear: Protecting wildlife now will save us from more expensive efforts to rescue threatened and endangered species from extinction in the future.

We can win this fight, but we can't do it without you, friend. Please help support our wildlife-saving efforts with your donation.
With Gratitude,
Jamie Rappaport Clark, Defenders of Wildlife Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife

P.S. We don't have much time to raise the money we need to fund this fight. Please make a secure donation online now, so we can put your contribution to immediate use saving our wildlife. Or, call 1-800-385-9712 to make a donation by phone.

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Defenders of Wildlife is a national, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to the protection of all native wild animals and plants in their natural communities.

Defenders of Wildlife can be contacted at:
1130 17th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036

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