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quinta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2011

News About Animals - October 20, 2011

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October 20, 2011

Doll Stanley and rescued dog EleanorHope Animal Sanctuary Lawsuit Update - A Sad Death, But Battle Continues

Last week we told you about a horribly neglected dog named Eleanor. The photo at left is Eleanor with the Director of IDA's Hope Animal Sanctuary, Doll Stanley. IDA's rescue of Eleanor and her friends, with a judge's order and the participation of law enforcement, resulted in a lawsuit from the hoarder against our Hope Animal Sanctuary in Mississippi. This is a ridiculous lawsuit that we are vigorously fighting.

Now, after five months of nursing Eleanor back to health, Doll has this sad news to report: "Eleanor lost her battle with kidney failure this morning. I cannot begin to express the grief we feel. We fought for and loved Eleanor since the day I picked her up out of the horrid debris pile she was lying in. Eleanor was dying. With the aid of Veterinary Associates in Grenada, Mississippi we nearly brought Eleanor back to please donate button grey redhealth. She began gaining weight, thoroughly enjoyed our affection for her and fought for her life. Our hearts are crushed. Help us continue to fight for innocent animals like Eleanor."

Click here to read more about Eleanor, the other animals we rescued at the same time, and the lawsuit against IDA.

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Elephant ride, bullhookTell USDA To Protect Elephants And The Public From TB Now

With all captive elephants, especially those in circuses, there is a risk of Tuberculosis (TB). The disease is transmissible to humans and difficult to detect in elephants, making the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Guidelines for the Control of Tuberculosis in Elephants an important tool for safeguarding elephants and public health. These guidelines include recommendations for the testing, treatment, and surveillance of TB in all captive elephants.

So what's the problem? An updated set of guidelines based on the latest scientific information and public health concerns was proposed nearly a year ago and sent to the USDA for implementation. But special interests, including circuses, are doing everything they can to slow down or even stop the improved guidelines because it can affect their use of elephants in performances and for rides. As a result, elephants will suffer due to delayed or inadequate treatment and the public will be at risk.

Click here to send a message to the USDA, urging the agency to expedite implementation of the updates to the 2010 Guidelines for the Control of Tuberculosis in Elephants.

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Vegan pizza takes over the world!World Go Vegan Week Begins Next Monday

World Go Vegan Week is October 24 – 31, and IDA volunteers have been hard at work getting restaurants to participate in our Vegan Pizza Takes Over the World campaign! 73 IDA volunteers reached out to 142 restaurants in the U.S. and Canada asking them to participate in our week of celebration of the vegan lifestyle.

Click here to read more on our blog, where you can post your own thoughts about World Go Vegan Week, and also see a list of participating restaurants offering vegan pizza featuring Daiya cheese, a vegan cheese that melts, stretches and tastes like traditional dairy-based cheese. If a restaurant is participating in your area, please grab your friends and family and show your support with a vegan pizza party!

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IDA helped this wild horse return home!Don't Let America's Wild Horses Disappear - Sign White House Petition

Last month, the White House launched the "We the People" website where Americans can create and sign online petitions urging the President to act on issues of concern. The White House website states that every petition that generates at least 5,000 signatures within 30 days will be "reviewed by the Administration and an official response will be issued." This presents a tremendous opportunity for us to gain the President's ear on wild horse and burro issues.

A petition urging the President to reform the wasteful and inhumane BLM Wild Horse and Burro program needs just 1,200 more signatures by October 28, 2011 to reach the threshold for consideration by the Administration. Please take a minute to log in with and add your name to the petition. If we can generate at least 5,000 signatures by October 28 the White House staff will review our concerns and issue a formal response. Important - you will be asked to create an account and sign in on that White House page before you can sign this and other petitions - please do follow the instructions at that page and sign up! You only need to do it once. If you have questions or want more info, send an e-mail to:

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Rabbits in labLos Angeles Times: "New Product Tests Spare The Animals"

The Los Angeles Times has published an important article about the development of new non-animal tests to replace animal toxicity experiments. From the report by Amber Dance: "The makers of Botox have been celebrating — and no, it's not because they found a better way to smooth wrinkles. ... The company, Allergan Inc. of Irvine, announced in June that the Food and Drug Administration approved its new method to test Botox's potency. Instead of having to test every batch on live animals, it can now run a test on cells in a lab dish. ... It took 10 years for Allergan scientists to perfect the new test. If it's approved in all the countries where Botox is sold, Allergan expects to eliminate the need for at least 95% of its animal testing within three years." Click here to read the rest of this article at the L.A. Times website.

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