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terça-feira, 4 de outubro de 2011

Exposed: shocking new animal testing video

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Today is World Animal Day, a special celebration to commemorate the importance of animals in all our lives and to work toward a brighter future for them. An easy way for you to help animals right now is to take PETA's Global "Stop Animal Tests" Challenge. Your gift today will go twice as far to help the millions of animals who are suffering in laboratories.

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PETA - Exposed: Shocking New Animal Testing Video
Thousands of animals just like her are right now suffering--and dying--in horrific and outdated animal tests. Watch our new video and find out how you can do twice as much to stop their suffering through PETA's Global 'Stop Animal Tests' Challenge. Donate Now! Dear Anne,

As you read this e-mail, thousands of individual dogs, cats, monkeys, rabbits, mice, and other animals are suffering in laboratories. These sensitive animals are treated as little more than living lab equipment, often known to experimenters only by a number written on their cage door or sometimes tattooed on their skin. For most, the only release from their misery will come in death, the only record of their life and passing some numbers jotted in an experimenter's log.

But PETA's new video is making their cries heard and building our campaign to save animals.

Testing on animals is not only cruel but also pointless and unreliable—and it's bad science. But through your support today, we can help stop it.

By making an online donation to PETA's Global "Stop Animal Tests" Challenge right now, your contribution to help fight tests on animals will be doubled—dollar for dollar. PETA is determined to raise $250,000 by November 1, and every gift that we receive until we meet our goal will go twice as far to help save more animals in laboratories.

This year alone, more than 100 million animals will be killed in deadly chemical, cosmetics, pesticide, and food-additive tests, among other harmful experiments. These helpless animals, some just babies when first subjected to testing, will often spend their entire lives inside cages in laboratories. They are force-fed substances, injected with toxins, and infected with diseases as well as having chemicals sprayed into their eyes and electrodes inserted into their brains. Some have tissue cut from their bodies without any anesthetics. As you can see in our latest video, those who somehow survive are left severely damaged—both physically and emotionally.

We know that effective and humane alternatives to vivisection are available—alternatives that are both more reliable and less expensive. Even the U.S. government's own scientific advisory board, the National Academy of Sciences, has noted that many animal tests are useless and should be replaced by superior non-animal methods. Yet governments, universities, and corporations are still slow to adopt these lifesaving alternatives—and are killing millions of animals as a result. Won't you help our vital work to save them by giving to our online challenge today?

PETA is leading the global fight to stop the suffering of animals in laboratories. Our undercover investigators are exposing the horrific world of animal experimentation facilities and their suppliers, blowing the lid off the horror that is vivisection, and leading to the closure of laboratories and the prosecution of their employees. PETA's world-class team of scientists is expertly promoting the adoption of non-animal testing methods to government officials, corporate leaders, and other scientists. Our eye-opening campaigns—such as our recently launched effort to end Nestea's horrifying experiments on animals—are helping to create a new generation of caring consumers. But so long as animals continue to be maimed, blinded, poisoned, and killed in laboratories, our vital work must continue.

Please take this unique opportunity to do twice as much to support our lifesaving work to stop animal tests. Make a generous gift today and help us do even more to save the lives of the millions of individual animals who are right now in desperate need of our help.

For all animals,
Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. As you'll see in PETA's latest video, animal testing is painful, cruel, and utterly unnecessary. Will you help us double our resources to help animals in laboratories by supporting the Global "Stop Animal Tests" Challenge right now?

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