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terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

Exposed: A lifetime of abuse

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PETA - Exposed: Shocking New Animal Testing Video
We're only 36 percent of the way toward our goal of $250,000 in PETA's Global 'Stop Animal Tests' Challenge. Your gift today will go twice as far to help animals in laboratories Dear Anne,

There are only two weeks left to meet our $250,000 goal in PETA's Global "Stop Animal Tests" Challenge, in which your donation will be matched by a generous group of PETA donors. Will you help us meet this challenge by making a special gift online right now? Even the smallest gift will make a big difference for animals!

For the last few weeks, I've been telling you about PETA's successes in exposing—and stopping—deadly experiments on animals conducted by corporations, universities, and governments. At the core of many of these successes lies one of the most vital components of PETA's lifesaving work for animals: our undercover investigations team.

PETA investigators have extensively documented some of the worst abuses of animals in testing laboratories and universities. One recently went undercover at Triple F Farms, Inc., a large Pennsylvania facility that breeds ferrets for sale to laboratories and the pet trade. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention alone has signed contracts with Triple F worth more than $1.5 million over the last five years for live ferrets for use in experiments.

What our investigator uncovered on this ferret factory farm provides a sobering glimpse of a vivisection industry in which animals are horrendously abused even before they suffer at the hands of experimenters.

Video footage captured at Triple F revealed that thousands of animals were kept in small cages with dangerous wire floors. They were deprived of essentials such as food and water as well as the opportunity to act upon even the most basic of their natural behaviors. Baby ferrets who fell from these cages onto waste-strewn floors were left for dead, and some were maimed and killed when workers ran over them with carts instead caring for them.

Our undercover investigator documented that ferrets were left to suffer and die from a variety of painful, life-threatening conditions without a single veterinarian on staff to treat the 6,000 or more animals confined to the facility. U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors recently confirmed the findings of PETA's four-month investigation and opened a federal investigation . We expect that the local prosecutor will file criminal charges of cruelty to animals against Triple F management and staff.

From birth in massive breeding facilities like Triple F to death in painful experiments, many of the more than 100 million animals killed in animal tests in the United States this year will never experience a moment of life outside the vivisection industry.

Your gift during our Global "Stop Animal Tests" Challenge today will immediately be put to work supporting PETA's groundbreaking efforts to help animals like these and end animal experimentation. If we hit our $250,000 challenge goal by November 1, it will mean that $500,000 will go toward saving the lives of animals slated to suffer in laboratories.

This unique challenge is made possible by the generosity of a dedicated group of PETA donors who—like you—want to see an end to the cruel experiments that so many animals endure at this very moment. These generous donors have spoken up against animal testing by supporting this challenge. Now it's up to you, as a valued PETA supporter, to answer their call and help end animal testing today.

Thank you for your timely response.

Kind regards,
Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. We've only raised 41 percent of our $250,000 goal in PETA's Global "Stop Animal Tests" Challenge. Please help us raise the full $250,000 to stop animal testing by having your gift doubled today.

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