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quinta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2011

News About Animals - September 1, 2011

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September 1, 2011

Ask Dr. WilsonDr. Wilson Answers Your Questions About Vitamin B12

Every month Dr. Holly Wilson, a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician in Florida, answers your vegan health questions in IDA's eNews.

For September, Dr. Wilson tackles the issue of Vitamin B12. Many readers submitted questions and concerns about B12 and the vegan diet. Dr. Wilson talks about what B12 does in the body, why we need it, how much we need, and where to get it in the vegan diet. Click here to read Dr. Wilson's answer. And click here to submit questions for future columns.

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Spay DayIDA's Hope Animal Sanctuary Gives Mississippi Another Spay/Neuter Day

Thanks to your support, IDA's Hope Animal Sanctuary (IDA-HAS) in Grenada, Mississippi held yet another spay/neuter day last week, in conjunction with Mississippi State University. Thanks MSU! We spayed 8 adult female dogs, 9 juvenile females, and neutered 3 juvenile males.

The dayHope Animal Sanctuary spayed dog Nicholina and adopters, Eva was packed with excitement as our Hope Animal Sanctuary staff were called to an unrelated dog rescue during the surgeries, somehow managing to handle both. It's been a week of rescue and healing.

Pictured here is Nicholina, one of the dogs spayed that day, with her adoptive family, the Evaldis, long time supporters of IDA-HAS who've now adopted four IDA dogs. To learn more about IDA's Hope Animal Sanctuary, and to help IDA continue our spay/neuter days, rescues, and cruelty investigations, please click here.

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Nicole OtoupalikMeet IDA's Nicole Otoupalik And Hear Jane Goodall Speak At The AARP Convention In Los Angeles

IDA will once again be exhibiting at AARP's National Event & Expo "Life@50+," September 22-24, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. This is an extraordinary event attended by thousands of animal lovers, and we really enjoyed meeting so many of you in Orlando last year. If you are attending, please stop by Booth #1947 and say hello! We will have the latest information on IDA events and campaigns, and Nicole Otoupalik, our Director of Planned Giving, will answer all your questions about planned giving. This year's exciting event includes Dr. Jane Goodall, renowned primatologist, conservationist, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and U.N. Messenger of Peace, legendary singers Tony Bennett and Lionel Richie, and acclaimed jazz performer Patti Austin. There will be exciting seminars, movies, exercise classes, dynamic speakers, headlining entertainment, and interactive exhibits. Come join us for this fun-filled event and learn more about how you can get involved with IDA.Click to go to IDA's AARP event page

Conference attendees, click the neat little AARP "x-tag" at right to go straight to IDA's exhibitor page in AARP's online event directory.

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CowMeat Consumption Per Person Dropping In United States

Two recent industry studies confirm that meat consumption in the U.S. per person is on a downward trend. 2010 was the fourth year in a row that meat consumption has declined in the United States and the fifth decline within a six-year period. 2011 is expected to continue this good trend for animals. Click here read more on our blog and post your own thoughts.

Breaking News - An anonymous (and generous) supporter has offered to double your donations to IDA's Vegan Campaign, so we can print and distribute 10,000 "The Reason For Vegan" brochures during World Go Vegan Week, which begins October 24. Please click here for details and to view and download (for free) "The Reason for Vegan."

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The Elephant In The Living RoomMust See Film: The Elephant In The Living Room

IDA has been urging you to avoid some movies this year because they featured elephants and other wild animals who are cruelly trained and confined. But here’s an award-winning film about wild animals that we highly recommend: The Elephant In The Living Room. This powerful feature-length documentary examines the subculture of exotic animal "owners" and dealers in the U.S., providing a behind-the-scenes look that is both deeply touching and disturbing. The Elephant In The Living Room is one of the most compelling and enlightening movies ever made about keeping exotic animals as “pets,” a cruel practice that is rampant in the U.S. despite serious animal welfare and human safety problems. If you can't find the film in a theater near you, you can watch a clip from it and order a copy on DVD or Blu-Ray. Share it with friends or arrange a special screening to educate people about this important, often overlooked issue.

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