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quarta-feira, 24 de agosto de 2011

Are you wearing dog leather?

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Right now, dogs, lambs, cows, pigs, and other animals are being tortured and slaughtered for their skins in countries where animal protection laws are either non-existent or rarely, if ever, enforced. These skins constitute the raw material in leather goods manufactured and sold around the world. Please support our campaign to fight the skins trade and save animals by donating today. Donate Now! Dear Anne,

Where does the leather for purses, shoes, and belts come from?

Many of us may think that we know the answer but don't know what animal the skin was taken from — or how that animal suffered.

The truth is quite disturbing. Undercover investigators have provided PETA with horrifying photographs of dogs in Thailand as they were being slaughtered so that their skins could be tanned for leather. The photographs show terrified dogs sitting in crowded cages, awaiting their own violent death as other dogs are killed right in front of them. The skins ripped off their bodies will join those of other animals at leather auctions or go to private dealers to be sold by wholesalers throughout Asia who feed the global leather trade. Will they end up as a leather belt or a furry cat toy in a store near you?

PETA's eye-opening campaigns are helping people all around the world to see that the only individuals who should wear animal skins are the animals themselves! Please send a gift today to support PETA's work to stop the skins trade and to stop animals from being killed for clothing and other products.

Many believe that leather comes from cattle and calves in the U.S., a "coproduct" of the hideous and well-documented abuses in the meat industry. But the skins used in some leather products come from animals some would never suspect could have been slaughtered to manufacture a belt, a pair of gloves, or a leather trinket. From zebras and kangaroos to snakes and even dogs, the majority of the skin sold to the U.S. comes from developing countries throughout Asia.

PETA is leading the fight to save animals' skins—from old Indian bullocks whose skin is worth far more than their meager flesh to dogs strung up in the jungles of Thailand. Will you please support our campaigns for these animals with a special gift right now?

There's no justification for sentencing an animal to even a moment's suffering for a pair of shoes or a wallet. And with your help, we will work to ensure that everyone connected to the bloody skins trade — from the wholesalers who peddle the skins of abused animals to the designers who are still buying and promoting fashion products made from skins — is aware of the terrible harm inflicted on animals for leather goods.

No organization works as hard to stop animals from being killed for their skins as PETA does. Your online gift today will give us the support that we must have to help millions of individual animal victims of the violent skins trade.

We have an immense task on our hands, but together, we can reduce the cruelty and abuse of animals.

Thank you for your compassion and commitment.

Kind regards,
Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. Animal skins belong to animals! Please send a special gift to PETA today to support our work to help stop animals from being killed for their skins.

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