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quarta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2011

Animals on factory farms need your help

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PETA - Animals on factory farms need your help

Dear Anne,

Will you help us continue to expose—and, whenever possible, stop—the horrific abuse of animals on factory farms by making a gift     online today? Donate Now!Few horrors compare to those endured by the billions of individual cows, pigs, chickens, and other animal victims who are slaughtered for food. Every single one of these sensitive animals who is raised to be a burger, chop, or nugget feels pain and fear just as we do. Yet their entire life—from birth on a factory farm to death at a slaughterhouse—is one of misery, mistreatment, and abuse.

Thankfully, these animals have a powerful ally committed to doing everything possible to stop their suffering. Will you support PETA's lifesaving work to relieve animals' suffering by making a generous online donation right now? PETA's eye-opening campaigns and groundbreaking undercover investigations have focused public attention on animals who suffer horrific cruelty for the meat and dairy industries, including the following cruel practices:

  • Chickens and turkeys are often drugged to grow so unnaturally large that their bones break under their own weight. Many will face being scalded to death in defeathering tanks at slaughterhouses.
  • Bulls are castrated and have their horns cut or burned off without being given sedatives to dull their pain.
  • Calves on dairy farms live short, miserable lives while forced to remain in dark, tiny crates where they are kept almost completely immobilized.
  • Mother pigs are forcibly impregnated and confined to filthy crates so small that they can't take a single step in any direction.

You can help us continue to expose—and stop—these types of abuses by making a tax-deductible gift today.

With the assistance of our more than 2 million members and supporters, PETA leads the fight for abused farmed animals. Our undercover work has brought about reforms that are changing some of the worst factory-farm practices and have resulted in convictions of factory-farm workers on charges of cruelty to animals. Through diligent negotiations and shareholder activism, we've helped to dramatically reduce the mistreatment of animals by many of the world's largest fast-food restaurants and supermarket suppliers. PETA's colorful demonstrations and widely distributed materials, such as our vegetarian/vegan starter kit, have inspired people around the world to adopt a healthy vegan diet—the quickest way that anyone can start saving the lives of farmed animals.

No other organization works as hard—or on as many fronts—for animals on factory farms as PETA does. But for every farmed animal we've helped to save, there are so many others who are still suffering all the painful abuses that I've described here … and more. By making a special donation now, you can help to ensure that we can continue fighting to bring an end to the suffering of animals who are slaughtered for food.

Together, we can stop even the worst abuses on factory farms and in slaughterhouses and make life better for the animals who suffer in the food industry.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. PETA is dedicated to doing all that we can to reduce the suffering of the billions of individual pigs, chickens, cows, and other animals who are raised in abysmal conditions and slaughtered for a forkful of flesh. Won't you help our lifesaving work in behalf of all these animals by making a gift online today?


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This e-mail was sent by PETA, 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510 USA.

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