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quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2011

News About Animals - July 21, 2011

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July 21, 2011

Greatest Circus Protest On Earth, 2011, Los AngelesGreatest Circus Protest On Earth Draws 500 Activists To Los Angeles

IDA made history last year when we organized the largest circus demo Los Angeles had ever seen - 300 activists on the opening night of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus at the Staples Center. But this year’s opening night demonstration on July 20 surpassed that number, drawing nearly 500 protestors for the biggest circus protest in history.

Greatest Circus Protest On Earth, 2011, Los Angeles StaplesThe event was electric, with energized activists lining both sides of the major thoroughfare in front of the arena, holding graphic signs and large, colorful banners. They wore elephant costumes, hoisted a giant inflatable elephant, chanted and passed out flyers to educate circus customers about the horrors that animals endure for their “entertainment.”

IDA and a variety of animal protection organizations were represented at the protest, and our message was united: It’s time to end the use of animals in circuses!

Click here to visit our Facebook page, where you can see photos from the demo and join the discussion.

Greatest Circus Protest On Earth 2011

photo credit: Nick Carranza -

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Bangalore, India street dogs in vanStop Massacre Of Street Dogs In Bangalore, India

The city of Bangalore in India has begun a campaign to eradicate stray dogs, or "street dogs," through "culling," i.e. killing. City officials have decided to do away with 50% of the street dogs in Bangalore since they are considered a "menace" to the human population. The other half is going to be dumped in an isolated area away from humans.

While large numbers of stray dogs can pose a human health risk and increase animal suffering, mass slaughter is not the answer. Animal birth control experts and In Defense of Animals-India are encouraging city officials to begin a sterilization campaign, which has successfully and humanely made many areas of India including much of Mumbai "stray dog-free." Click here to send an e-mail to city officials. Urge them to handle the situation with kindness and compassion.

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elephant rocking in zooHelp IDA Survey Elephants In Zoos

Do you want to do something meaningful to help elephants in captivity? IDA is conducting a survey of elephants in zoos, focusing on the abnormal repetitive swaying, rocking and head bobbing actions known as zoochotic or stereotypic behavior. Click here to see an example of this sad condition.

Though zoo customers may laugh at these behaviors and explain to their children that the elephants are "dancing," the reality is not amusing. Keeping elephants in small, unnatural exhibits causes profound mental stress and suffering. Deprived of all that is natural to them – family, room to roam, and rich, mentally stimulating environments – elephants in zoos can spend hours swaying and rocking. In contrast, stereotypic behavior is not seen in wild elephants.

If you can visit your zoo a minimum of three times over the next 6-8 weeks and spend at least an hour observing the elephants each time, you can help with IDA's survey. We'll provide you with directions and observation sheets. More than one person can visit the same zoo (preferably at different times). We want to gather information on stereotypic behavior from as many zoos as possible. If you would like to volunteer or have questions, contact us today at: Please provide the name of the zoo you will visit.

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Missing dog KaponeIDA Adds $3,000 To Reward Fund For Kapone, Dog Missing From Memphis Animal Services

 IDA has added $3,000 to the reward fund for information about Kapone, a family's adored pit bull, who has been missing since he was picked up by a Memphis Animal Services (MAS) animal control officer. This brings the total reward fund to $8,000. Kapone disappeared on June 24, when he and the family's other dog, Jersey, got out of their fenced yard. Neighbors witnessed both dogs being loaded onto an MAS truck. Over 3,000 IDA members have sent emails complaining about MAS to Memphis city officials and Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam. Click here to read more.

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Nicole OtoupalikIDA At Red Hat Society's National Event In New Orleans, August 18 - 20

IDA will be exhibiting at Red Hat Society's National Event, August 18-20, at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside in Louisiana. The Red Hat Society is a global society of women who support and encourage each other in the pursuit of fun, friendship, freedom, fulfillment and fitness. Red Hat puts on the biggest shindigs full of bling, pageantry and sparkle! Their annual conventions bring together hundreds of red-hatted sisters at the biggest RHS party of the year! If you are attending, please stop by Booth 608 at the Hat District and say hello! We will have information on IDA events and campaigns, and Nicole Otoupalik, our Director of Planned Giving, will be on hand to provide information on a variety of planned giving topics. Come join us for this fun-filled event and learn more about how you can get involved with IDA.

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