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sexta-feira, 24 de junho de 2011

Fwd: Is There Room in Your Heart for One More?

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From: ASPCA <>
Date: 2011/6/24
Subject: Is There Room in Your Heart for One More?

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June 24, 2011

Adopt these Joplin kitties

1. Joplin Adoption Event Is This Weekend—Hit the Road!
Now's your chance to rescue one of the hundreds of animals left homeless by the tornado that struck Joplin in May. Pack your bags, hop in the car and set your sights on our emergency shelter, where you'll find dogs and cats of practically every age, breed, size and personality imaginable—all loving, sweet and desperately in need of a family to call their own. Read more...
The rescued dog!

2. ASPCA Happy Tails: Shoo-In for Your Love
Emily Treubig-Ilowit and Micah Ilowit adopted Cleo in November 2010, a few months after the ASPCA rescued her from severe neglect and abuse. It took awhile to earn Cleo's trust, but she finally showed that she'd bonded with the Ilowits—by organizing their shoes.
Surviving shedding season

3. Summer Shedding Tips from Dyson, ASPCA
It's officially summer, and with the temperature rising, many pets are in full-scale shedding mode. Check out our helpful tips—and the Dyson Groom tool—to contain loose fur and keep your pet happy and healthy.
Make the Most of Your Gift

4. Planned Giving: IRA Charitable Rollover Is Still Available
Congress extended the IRA Charitable Rollover for 2011. This allows individuals ages 70½ and older to make direct transfers to charities without having to count the transfer as income for federal tax purposes.

Protecting TX's animals

5. Victory: Texas Gets Its First Puppy Mill Law
After a hard-fought battle in the Texas Legislature, the second-largest U.S. state finally has a law mandating state inspections of commercial dog and cat breeders. Way to go, Lone Star State!
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Anne Brito

VOCÊ pode salvar uma vida!

"Sou só uma, mas ainda assim sou uma.

Não posso fazer tudo, mas posso fazer alguma coisa.

E por, não poder fazer tudo, não deixarei de fazer o pouco q posso."

Nada + Nada = NADA
Pouco + Pouco = MUITO

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