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domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

RE: RE: you need to sign up vn9p

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Dear Valued Subscriber,

We have been getting non-stop emails over the past several weeks from our subscribers asking when they will get our next Mega Bagger Announcement.

Ladies and gentlemen its time! Do not miss this potential monster! We will be releasing the Biggest Release of the year in the next couple of days.


We just released CXLT on March 1st and in one day it did over 100% in gains in 3 hours.  Before that on February 8th we released RAPT at .21 and it returned over 400% in 5 days!

To insure everyone has the ability to receive this unbelievable pick you will need to click the link below and re-enter your email address.



Last year our newsletters brought some of the biggest winners out there. We have started off 2011 quietly and slowly, but now the gloves are coming off.

  There is absolutely no question in our minds that our patience pays off! We are going back to what made us one of the top micro and small cap newsletters available. Our databases are literally bursting with new subscribers. Get prepared for us to bring you a "True Beauty" people!

 We are putting our subscribers on notice now. Remember some of our biggest winners of 2010 and do what you need to do to be ready for our BIG RELEASE!





Happy Trading!



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