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terça-feira, 22 de março de 2011

Accident Precautions for Poison Prevention Week from ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

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This week is National Poison Prevention Week.

It’s a great time to take steps to protect your pet in case of an emergency. Besides keeping common hazards, such as human medications and household cleaners, out of paw’s reach, keep your veterinarian’s number handy. Also, familiarize yourself with the symptoms of poison ingestion—such as vomiting, excessive thirst and difficulty breathing—and assemble a pet first-aid kit.

Also, prepare financially with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, which can cover your pet for accidents, including poison ingestions and injuries. Plus, all dogs and cats over 8 weeks old are eligible for accident coverage! Get started now!


Here’s how ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has
helped other pet parents in an emergency:

The case of the empty bag of raisins

Sonya V. knew her dog, Amigo, was in danger when she saw the empty 2-pound bag of raisins, which are toxic to dogs. Her veterinarian called the ASPCA®’s Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) for expert consultation. Amigo was better after three days in the hospital, and ASPCA Pet Health Insurance reimbursed Sonya for a large part of the bill, including a portion of the call to the APCC.

The case of the missing cat toy

Allison P. rushed her cat in for emergency surgery when she realized Licorice had ingested part of a new toy. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance helped with a portion of the bill for this unexpected surgery.

The case of the dangerous meds

Nell M.’s dog, Hank, gobbled up some medication sitting on the counter. Human medications are often a top culprit in calls to the APCC. After consulting the APCC, Nell rushed Hank to an emergency clinic. Hank soon recovered, and ASPCA Pet Health Insurance reimbursed some of the cost.

If your pet ingests something hazardous,

call your veterinarian or the ASPCA®’s Animal Poison Control Center at 1-888-426-4435 right away. A $65 consulting fee may apply, a portion of which is covered by ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.

Learn more about ASPCA Pet Health Insurance.

Remember, through our relationship,
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance supports the ASPCA’s critical mission!*

While the above testimonials may include examples of recent claim payouts, reimbursement is subject to the terms and conditions of your plan. Identifying information has been changed.

This email is not intended to provide advice on individual pet health or behavioral matters or to substitute for consultation with a veterinary doctor.

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