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quarta-feira, 26 de janeiro de 2011

Fwd: Start the year off on the right paw with 5 tips from ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

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Date: 2011/1/25
Subject: Start the year off on the right paw with 5 tips from ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance - Get A Free Quote!
5 Pet Tips

Maybe you've made a few resolutions for yourself this year, but how about your pet? Even small changes can make a big difference in the life of your furry friend.

Here are 5 ideas to consider:

1. Check-up on your pet's health.

Set up your pet's annual check-up this year. A nose to tail exam can help your veterinarian spot and treat health issues in the early stages. Opt for wellness coverage including an annual physical exam!

2. Brush those pearly whites.

Pledge to brush your pet's teeth regularly, and keep an eye out for signs of gum disease like swelling or discoloration. Ask your veterinarian for tips on good dental care. Plus, Level 4 covers an annual dental cleaning.

3. Watch your pet's weight.

Extra weight on a pet can result in health problems and be like a person carrying an extra 30 to 50 pounds. Hold back on treats and use a well-balanced pet food.

4. Get your pet moving.

Is your pet getting enough exercise to stay fit? Dogs need at least 30 minutes of physical activity twice a day. Cats should get at least 15 minutes of interactive playtime a day.

5. Prepare financially for your pet's care.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance can help you manage unexpected veterinary costs.
It can also cover wellness care to help you keep your pet healthy year round.
Learn more and get a free quote.


Protecting your pet with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is also a great way to continue your support of the ASPCA® and help thousands of animals throughout the year. That's because the ASPCA benefits from every plan that's purchased!*

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*The ASPCA will receive up to 10% of the purchase price with a minimum of $1.6 million to be recognized over at least five years. Royalty payments made to ASPCA are not based on the purchase of insurance policies, but rather sales generated under the ASPCA trademark.

This email is not intended to provide advice on individual pet health or behavioral matters or to substitute for consultation with a veterinary doctor.

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