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sexta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2010

You Spoke, Politicians Listened: Animal Victories in 2010

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Celebrate 2010’s Legislative Victories for Animals!

This past year, hundreds of thousands ASPCA supporters like you stood up and used your voices for animals by taking action on legislative issues in your state and before Congress. During this season of reflection and review, we want to thank you and let you know that every email you sent, every phone call you made, and every dollar you contributed toward the cause of humane legislation made a difference.

2010 will likely be remembered as the year Missouri’s voters fought back against the state’s reputation as the “Puppy Mill Capital of America” by passing Proposition B, the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act. While Prop B grabbed a lot of well-deserved headlines, we’re thrilled to report that this enormous victory was not the only one we celebrated this year: Visit to learn about other 2010 legislative victories for animals!

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In the Year 2010…

The ASPCA Advocacy Brigade welcomed approximately 300,000 new subscribers—we’re now more than 1.8 million advocates strong, and on track to reach 2 million in 2011!

We sent those Brigade members 77 city, state and federal Advocacy Alerts on a wide range of animal issues, including (but not limited to) horse slaughter, “organic” livestock farming, inhumane tethering, animal fighting, puppy mills and spay/neuter programs.

Those 77 Advocacy Alerts resulted in approximately 390,000 personalized emails sent to legislators and other decision-makers on behalf of animals.

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