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sexta-feira, 30 de julho de 2010

News About Animals - July 30, 2010

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  July 30, 2010
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elaine hendrix scotlund haisley macaque monkey rescueIDA Monkey Rescue Featured On CNN, As We Renew Call For Non-animal Testing

CNN Headline News’ award-winning Issues with Jane Valez Mitchell, a tireless campaigner for animals, interviewed IDA’s Scotlund Haisley about our recent rescue of 55 monkeys who had been used in a pharmaceutical testing laboratory. You can watch the interview here. Scotlund expressed IDA’s outrage that the use of primates in experiments in the U.S. is increasing, not decreasing.

The U.S. government is taking a giant leap backwards. NASA is funding 1950s-style radiation experiments on primates, while the USDA reports that the use of nonhuman primates in experiments has exploded 81 percent since 2007, now over 120,000 annually.

Please click here to send a fax to your Senators and Representative, asking them to speak out against Scotlund Haisley and Jane Valez Mitchellthe use of primates in experiments and allocate funding for non-animal methods.

IDA also extends our most sincere thanks to New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, for speaking on behalf of 202 chimpanzees held by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in his state. The NIH plans to transfer the chimpanzees to a Texas laboratory. IDA has been advocating for these same chimpanzees since 1993. Last week, Gov. Richardson sent a letter to NIH Director Francis Collins, urging him to permanently retire these chimpanzees. Bravo, Governor!

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EarthIDA Partners With Veg Climate Alliance To Address Catastrophic Climate Change

IDA is collaborating with the environmental organization Veg Climate Alliance (VCA) to mount a major campaign encouraging a global shift to a plant-based diet to avoid an unprecedented catastrophe from global warming and other environmental threats. 

IDA and VCA will support activities in Cancun during the upcoming UN climate conference, including demonstrations, talks, posters, artistic performances and advertisements in the Cancun newspaper and conference publications.

We are recruiting volunteers to help with outreach, organization, and the UN Climate Conference in Cancun. We also seek organizations to sign on to the UN Climate Conference Declaration. If you are interested in helping with this important campaign, or just want to learn more, click here.

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Bullhook or AnkusToledo Zoo Attack - Take Action To Stop Use Of Cruel Bullhooks On Elephants Now!

bullhook or ankusThe recent attack by a young African elephant on his keeper at the Toledo Zoo has reignited controversy over circus-style training and the use of cruel bullhooks to manage elephants. IDA sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), asking the agency to issue a policy statement that says this unsafe and inhumane training method is a violation of the Animal Welfare Act. Please help convince the USDA to take this critical step toward protecting elephants and humans. Click here to read our letter, see video of the incident, and send a letter of your own to the USDA, urging that use of the bullhook be declared to be a violation of the Animal Welfare Act.

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Elephant Dumbo in circusVictory - Sacramento Passes Progressive Circus Ordinance

The Sacramento, Calif. City Council unanimously approved an ordinance amendment to provide greater protection for animals used in traveling exhibitions. The amendment establishes an application and permit process for traveling animal exhibitors and empowers animal control officers to perform unannounced inspections to insure relatively humane care and treatment.

IDA founder Dr. Elliot Katz testified at the hearing, educating the council about crippling foot and joint diseases that elephants in circuses suffer as a result of constant confinement and being forced to perform unnatural tricks. Click here to visit our blog, read more, and join in the discussion!

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Another elephant threatened with the hookGreatest Circus Demo On Earth Draws 300 Protesters in Los Angeles

History was made in Los Angeles on July 14. In the biggest circus demo the city has ever seen, 300 activists holding graphic signs and colorful banners, and wearing elephant costumes and symbolic chains, encircled the Staples Center to protest the opening night of Ringling. Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

IDA's Bill Dyer Addresses Greatest Circus Demo On EarthCustomers approaching from any direction had to walk a gauntlet of protesters passing out flyers and telling them of the horrors animals endure for “entertainment.” At least two families decided not to attend after learning the truth about the animals’ miserable lives with Ringling.

IDA and a variety of animal protection organizations were represented at the peaceful protest, and our message was united: It’s time to end the use of animals in circuses.

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