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quarta-feira, 14 de julho de 2010

News About Animals - July 14, 2010

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  July 14, 2010
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Canada GooseIDA Denounces Geese And Duck Slaughters - Offers $5,000 Reward

Across the United States, Canada Geese are being exterminated, in horribly cruel ways. IDA asks: why? Besides the inhumanity of the slaughter, often by gassing, the killings will not have the desired effect, since more geese move in to occupy the newly available territory.

Not surprisingly, the government-approved and conducted slaughter also motivates some sick individuals to implement their own extermination program. On July 11, more than 30 geese and ducks in Mount Laurel Township, New Jersey were found mutilated and dead or barely breathing, just weeks after a government-authorized and conducted extermination. IDA president Scotlund Haisley and actress Elaine Hendrix addressed Mount Laurel officials at a township council meeting to pledge a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for this latest slaughter. Click here to view a short IDA video about the Canada Geese slaughter.

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BLM photoSay "No" To Removing All Wild Horses From Herd Area In Colorado While Allowing Cattle To Graze

Once again the Obama Administration is doing the bidding of the livestock industry. They want to remove all wild horses from the West Douglas herd area in Colorado. Yet the government will continue to allow cattle to graze the same area they claim the horses are overusing.

By eliminating all wild horses from this area, which was specifically designated as habitat for wild horses in 1971, the BLM is continuing a “zeroing out” process that has taken away more than 20 million acres of wild horse and burro habitat over four decades. President Obama’s Department of Interior (led by fifth-generation rancher Ken Salazar) continues the Bush Administration policies of zeroing out wild horses.

Interior Secretary Salazar prioritizes private industries, such as cattle ranching, over what is best for our public lands and wildlife. Please click here before July 19 to send a message of opposition to the Obama Administration.

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Project Hope dog rescued from "rescuer"IDA's Project Hope Finding Some "Rescuers" Are Becoming Hoarders

IDA's Project Hope sanctuary in Mississippi has discovered that some "rescuers" working in the South have actually become hoarders, with animals being held in horrible conditions. In one case last week, we helped rescue nearly 100 animals from a hoarder who was previously considered a "rescuer." Click to read more about the situation and how we're responding.

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Credit CAREInternational Day Of Action For Dogs And Cats In South Korea A Success!

Thirty eight cities participated in events ranging from protests and leafletings outside South Korean Embassies and Consulates to info tables at universities. In San Francisco, one activist made signs that said, “Don’t Wok the Dog!” Dallas activists made some stirring and effective signs with heartbreaking images.

We presented the South Korean Consulate in San Francisco with over 20,000 signed petitions from IDA members asking the South Korean government to enforce laws protecting dogs and cats and end the terrible practice of torturing and killing dogs for food and cats for "tonics."

Thank you to everyone who participated. Your voice is crucial. IDA is committed to ending this unnecessary and horrific practice, but we can only achieve success with your help. Click here to see photos from the events in cities across the U.S. and around the world!

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George Bernard ShawGreat Minds Think Alike - IDA Celebrates George Bernard Shaw, Born July 7, 1856

“The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them but to be indifferent to them. That’s the essence of inhumanity.”

“Animals are my friends...and I don't eat my friends.”

George Bernard Shaw, one of the greatest playwrights and essayists in the English language, was also an anti-vivisectionist and staunch vegetarian. A native of Ireland, he considered the bodies of meat-eaters "the living graves of murdered beasts." He became a vegetarian after hearing a lecture at the age of 25 and considered his meat-eating diet before that as one of a “cannibal.” From then on he frequently and passionately advocated for vegetarianism in his lectures and interviews, irritating journalists who wanted to hear more about his plays. Shaw attributed great health benefits to vegetarianism, as well as a more spiritual and moral mindset consistent with his activism in support of social issues. Shaw wrote 49 plays, including Mrs. Warren's Profession, Arms and the Man, Caesar and Cleopatra, Man and Superman, Major Barbara, Androcles and the Lion, Pygmalion (later set to music as My Fair Lady), Heartbreak House and Saint Joan.


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