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terça-feira, 27 de julho de 2010

Ban the Cruel 'Sport' of Bullfighting - Deadline July 28th!

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From: Andrew, Care2 Action Alerts <>
Date: 2010/7/22
Subject: Ban the Cruel 'Sport' of Bullfighting - Deadline July 28th!

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Hi Anne,

Every year, hundreds of thousands of bulls die in the name of entertainment. But this may change because the Catalonian government is on the verge of voting for a ban on bullfighting.

Urge the Catalonian Parliament to end the blood sport of bullfighting »

After a huge anti-cruelty campaign by the Catalonian public, the regional parliament will vote on July 28th whether to ban bullfight for good. We want every Catalonian MP to know there are thousands of people around the world who want to end this cruel 'sport'. Speak up »

This is an historic moment to ban bullfighting in one of Spain's largest regions.

Sign this petition to ban the 'sport' of bullfighting in Catalonia -- we only have until July 28th »

From Care2 Thank you,
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

We Only Have Until July 28th To Ban Bullfighting!
Your voice will make an important difference.
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